Is login name *required* to be email address?

I am developing a proof-of-concept for deploying ERPNext within a single organization. It would be convenient if users could login to ERPNext using their current network login id’s instead of their full email address. The administrator user created during setup is simply “Administrator”, so it “seems” nothing serious will break. I thought for sure something would show up in the forum history, but didn’t see anything relevant.

How can I have users login as “tswift” instead of “” ?


P.S. I really think you’ve hit the sweet spot with ERPNext features.

I should have also said that users will authenticate in ERPNext as-is, I just want to have short login names for users, but make them the same as our current “4’-3-1’s” (i.e. our network login is 8 chars). I must investigate LDAP authentication in the future, I recall some posting recently, but don’t recall if there was working code or just discussion.

LDAP app has been made by @saurabh6790:

If you can try it out and Saurabh can iron out issues (if any), we will be happy to list it at Not Found

Hi rmehta, from frappe_ldap screenshots it appears that a user login name must still be a full email address (i.e. frappe_ldap does not care what it authenticates, and ERPNext authenticates users by their full email address and password). Would it be difficult to change this in ERPNext? Would a config switch be possible? (I apologize if this has been suggested before, I didn’t check feature requests in GitHub)

Saurabh, I would like to help out but probably not for a week or three. I must get basic user, employee, item, bom, stock and project data imported first, and also I do not require LDAP authentication until I start experimenting with doc control systems.