Is there a way view everything that has been created?

Is there a view that will allow me to see every item created; every asset movement, depreciation, journal entry, purchase invoice, employee application, etc in one place?

What would help here is for you to specify

  1. your use case?

  2. as a user what you have found that is close but does not meet your needs?

  1. To be able to answer the question “what happens when I submit this” with, for example, “these 6 documents are created”.

  2. I haven’t found anything that shows everything in one list the same way that a CMS would be able to show you these 10 blog posts, 22 sales, 14 support request, 4 received shipments took place today.

Well there’s an Activity log How to view activity of a single user for a specific date

I tried there but a lot of actions aren’t shown there. For example, if an Purchase Receipt is created for and asset the activity log does not show the creation of the Asset or the creation of an Asset Movement record.

To track changes there’s this Document Versioning

But you seem to seek say a ‘Document X Log’ where X is CRUD (create, read, update and delete) for a set of document types.

Possibly a custom report may be the answer Not Found

Someone more aware or better informed can suggest other options.

If you have in mind say some CMS with that view, provide a screenshot pointer - that might trigger response ideas?

Thank you for your time.

The equivalent of what I was looking for would be how, in Drupal for example, you can have a list of every node across every content type in a single view.