Is there Beginner's guide for ERPNext?

Hi guys, im new in ERPNext (learning Py along the process). Is there a beginner’s guide that will help me customizing ERPNext?

Im trying to create a custom Module.

Thank you in advance.


You can check this link.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. will check this out.

Hi Michelle! can i know what ubuntu version was used in this guide?

This series of videos has everything you need to know:

Downs: It’s old. The sound quality is poor. The accents are often impenetrable. There are tedious repetitions. Default quality is blurry. It’s not at all easy to find a single specific thing you need to know.

Ups: It does seem to cover just about everything. It isn’t too old. You can set 720px resolution.

Hi sir, youtube says video is unavailable. :frowning:

Bizarre! Are you in China or something?

Can you search YouTube for “Frappe Developer Tutorial”?

Philippines sir. It seems the content is not available in our region.

My current issue right now is i cannot install mariaDB, im getting error running the mysql_secure_installation some files seems to be missing or cannot be accessed. (im new to ERPNext, Py and *nix, but i am willing to learn)

If you have successfully installed ERPNext with bench, maybe i can copy your installation. That would really help.

I have my own scripts, which would be of no use to you.

Just to set up ERPNext, mariadb, bench etc. and yes i wont need the custom scripts sir. Im not asking for that.

Maybe you can help to set up ERPnext.

There are many contributors to this page. It seems to be updated regularly:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Installing Frappe and ERPNext on Linux

Will check this out, thank you sir! :slight_smile:

Check this link: Customize ERPNext Well

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I made a link-collection with links, which helped me a lot to understand the basics. Hopefully this could be a help to others:

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