Is this possible to set the birthday alerts to HR Manager?

i’m trying to set Employee birthday email alert.

Is it working or not?
Have you tried using Days After or Days Before? Try it,

This should help. If not checked will send birthday reminders.

Are you looking for something like this ?

yes i tried this, but not working.

By uncheck this option, birthday email send to all employee but i just want to send birthday email to HR Manager only.

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Similar question as before, @Sangram. Would creating Custom Email Alert with condition:

doc.date_of_birth!= None and doc.date_of_birth.month==nowdate().month and

do the trick, i.e. send daily notification emails to HR Managers if any of the employees has a birthday on that day?


it working ??? i have the same requirement send mail on Employee birth with Celebration Quote

Anyone help me in this

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