Issue in ERPNext when using it

Hi all, just want your help on these issues I got when using.

  1. It seems that whenever there is any new task created, the notification will appear on the top right corner. And all the users can see it regardless of whose it is supposed to be tasked to, which is getting irritating. I want the assigned person to see the notification only, not all of the users. Is there any setting for this part?

  2. And the users dont really get any email notification for every thing done; i.e. get a notification after posting a comment/task. How will I set it? I even set my email account but it is still not working at all.

  3. The search function is not working at all. It only stores the cached information (whenever we click on the projects/tasks/customers). How will I configure it so that we can automatically search for the specific item when needed?

Will appreciate if there is any help on this. Currently we are still exploring it and I am still doing the importing from Insightly.

@chrislee For Email Alerts go to setup ->Email->Email Alert

For Cache issue try clearing browsers cache and reloading .

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You can go to Item list and then then search again. That’s the way it is designed.

@Shashank_Mishra and @rmehta I also found this when googling, but the settings seem to be different from the one shown in the screenshot and mine. Let’s say I want to set up email alert for new tasks and set it accordingly (document type: Task, send alert on: New). But what about the Recipient?

What should I set in the Email by Document Field id? Should it be the owner, since the owner needs to create a new task? And what about the CC field? Need I set to one email for each owner, not all the emails in a single row? Please advise. And I also cannot test it because the email account was not set up in one of the users.

As for the first part (the notification in the erpnext web interface), any idea to configure so that the task and project notification will be shown only to the user assigned to?

P/S: I just got another issue which is the email account set up. Apparently I did set up it correctly according to the guide, but whenever I create a new task/project, it still says Please setup default Email Account from Setup > Email > Email Account. How will I fix it?

Hi all, it seems that I need to set the default email and I set it accordingly. And it worked. The notification is working too.

But the setting is owner in the Email by Field ID and it is sending to all the owners (users). How will I set it so that it will be sent to the original owner (the one who created/edited the task)

However, the fields seem to be wrong. Right now, I set the message as “New Task {subject} is created. Please check it out”

And I get some weird emails after creating new tasks. For example, I created a new task, Test. But the ERPNext sent some old and irrelevant emails to me and some of the users too. The emails can be from auto responders to some email correspondences. Why is it so?

P/S: I noticed that I can only configure the email account for the system administrator only. But the users dont have the email account configuration. That’s because whenever I set my account to connect to the Gmail account, the system administrator’s email account suddenly changed from its own email to my email and vice versa. How will I set for individual user’s email account?

@rmehta any idea to these new issues i faced yesterday? Really appreciate your help on this.

@rmehta and @Shashank_Mishra I will repeat all the issues again in point forms.

  1. What is the ideal setting for the Email By Document field? Is it subject? Now, if I set it, it would email some old emails (autoresponders or old correspondences). Need some help on this.
  2. The email account configuration is for only one account? What about other users? The users cannot provide valid access to the email account as the address would be changed from one to another.
  3. The task notification (more important of all issues faced) - how will I configure the web interface notification so that the user can see the notification for those tasks assigned to that user. Right now all the users can see the irritating red notification regardless of whose it is tasked to.

Really appreciate if there is some urgent help on these issues.

@rmehta have you read this? sorry but it is kind of urgent and I want to fix these issues first as the company I am working, wants to start using this system.

All users in erpnext use the common gateway, the emails will be sent by the individual users, but all replies will come to one id and they will automatically be tagged to the right document. Please see the video:

For what document?

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  1. I wanted to set Email Alert for all the users - Comments. What is the “Email by Document id” field that I need to set?

  2. Apparently I posted similar issue (task notification) in Github under the id rainersg, and I get the response to reset the permission for ToDo, but which kind of permssion I need to reset? Is it User? Or is it Role? I dont really understand what the reply in Github is about. Too short and without any detailed information.

  3. As for the help, I know that it is urgent, but it is as in get quick attention and help give some solutions/suggestion as soon as possible. It has been almost one day since I last get a reply, hence my saying about the urgent help.

Thank you so much for helping.

You should get paid support if you need urgent help. This is a voluntary forum.