Issue with the new VM image?

I downloaded the latest version of the ERPNext image - ERPNext-221215.ova and updated it using “bench update” . While from the browser - the languages option do not pop up and thus I am not able to proceed.

Not able to proceed, because there is no language being displayed.

Try bench reinstall command.
Then clear browser cache and login again

Note: if you want to try another virtual machine you can try this tested ubuntu Virtual Image

bench reinstall doesn’t see to exist. I am getting:

Error - No such command 'reinstall

Thanks for the new image, it’s 2.03GB. I will have to download some other time due to poor internet connection.

Do help me if there are other options meanwhile.

check bench --help to see list of available command.
Run command from frappe-bench folder

Another virtual image is ubuntu desktop, that why size is 2.03 GB

bench reinstall did the trick. Thanks… The command didn’t work because I was in wrong directory.

Thanks Kolate.

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