Issues in Oil Mill in Manufacturing Case


I run a oil ginning mill can i do work in Erpnext?

My Flow of Business

  1. i will Purchase raw material from Farmers in Kgs/Tones
  2. Then i start the Manufacture ( Kgs/Tones ) >>>TO>>> (OIL in Liters ) With in 15 Days
  3. I Get a Few Oder from Clients form sales Agent in Liters
  4. When i Start Manufacture >>>> Liters >>>>TO >>>(Packs Like >> 10Liter, 25 Liters, 30 Liters ) then i ask to client>>> How You Need The Packing>>>
  5. Clients Give Describe Me Like this>>> { 1 Client >> 10 Liters 20 packs, 25 Liters 30 Packs, 30 Liters 10} The total of liter Should match To the Oder-ed Liters
  6. Has Client Request We Manufacture The Packs and we Store in warehouse>>> But the customer don’t take total stock at a time >>> He take 20% Stock one day next 80 % one day
  7. After full delivery Client pay the Amount

In This Way My Business Will run…
Is That ErpNext will give Comfort to me in this Process>>>???

Yes, that’s possible.

In ERPNext you can manage Suppliers (Farmers), Manufacturing (Oil ginning), Items (Cans of Oil), Customers, Sales Orders, Delivery Notes and Payments.

Partial delivery is possible. You can just create two delivery notes with 20 and 80% respectively.

maybe the process manufacturing feature which is in development may be interesting for you, because it’s dificult to forsee exactly how much oil you can get out of a certain amount of grain (which is what you’d need to define upfront in the default manufacturing process with BOM’s)

Thanks for Replay @rmeyer @vrms

Ya You said Correct @vrms But i Know how much of oil Will Comes From 1 Kg>> 0.250 Liter
I will Take Order When oil is in my hand… Like >> 15L Liters
my Client say only Order Like in 1000 Liter 2000 etc. with 1 liter price like 125 rs.
if i get 50 to 60 thousand liters of oder then…
i will ask packaging order >>> continues process till end.

i seen and tried to use your reference @vrms , and 80% my issue is gone
but how can i take order like in liters like 1000, 2000, etc

Waiting for replay…

I don’t quite understand your point.

Are you referring to different pricing for larger quantities like 1000L then smaller ones like 15L?
Then Pricing Rules are something to study.

hello @vrms ,
my point is that my customer’s order comes only in liters,
when i start manufacture then customers give packing details not in time of ordering
this is my issue…


@rk_root may be help u on this…as he had experience in Implementation in this kind of Industry…

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