Item Description Formatting

Hello All,
I am trying to add Item Description under the Item Master with formatting like Color, Bold, Italic. On saving, the formatting is not retained.
The field type is Text Editor with formatting options, so ideally it should retain the formatting.
However, in the Purchase and Sales, Terms and Conditions template the formatting is retained.
I tried adding a custom field called Desc of type Text Editor and works well with the custom field however the Description field doesn’t seem to retain the formatting upon saving the form
Here are some screenshots

  1. Before Saving
  2. After Saving

    Has anyone faced and resolved this issue?
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As far as I know, this issue affects all long text editor fields. I posted about the bug a while back. I never found a solution.

@maxvogel I tried adding a custom field and also on the Terms and Condition field, works fine there as well.
Not sure if there is some special validation/condition for a few fields like Description (under Item).

Has someone solved this issue? thanks

I have worked around it by creating a custom field for Description and adding it to Print format and hiding the default Description from Print Format and Customize Form

Hi @nibapa! The reason the description is not working because you may have check the “Convert Item Description to Clean HTML” checkbox in the Stock Settings. You just need to uncheck it to apply colors,etch. Because if you check this,it will apply clean_html() function on validation.


Thanks a lot, this solved the problem!

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Many Thanks, solved!

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