Item Name field in "Stock reconciliation Item" table

We want to display item name field in “Stock reconciliation Item” table like quotation item etc.

We tried with Date Field with the same name and also tried with Read only field with option (pl see following screen). But, none of alternative is working. Can anyone advise where I am making mistake?

If this would be allowed in default stock recon item, it would be helpful.


For Item Name field, value in the option field should be “item_code.item_name”. Works in my test account.

Ok… Thank you. It works.

Just for curiosity - Is there any reason for not providing item name field in Stock Recon Item whereas it’s provided by default in quotation item, sales order item PO item et al.

I tried above option but it not work in our system please suggest if any thing wrong.
below images for your reference.

Vinod Guddeti


It will only work if Item Code is selected manually. Did you have Item Codes fetched based on Warehouse? Please select Warehouse manually and then check if it works.

@Deven_Shah No Item Name field because data in the Stock Reconciliation is generally imported, and just the item code is sufficient for updating opening balance. Also it’s a internal document, unlike order and invoices where item name is required for customer’s reference. Still if you believe this field should be there, please post Github Issue for it.

Generally Item code is some number (code), so it is always not possible to understand the item by code (especially in our case where we have more than 2000 items. Hence, I am raising the request in gihub for item name.

Thank you for support.

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Its work on on-line Test Account, but it not work on our Local Server account versions-ERPNext: v5.4.2 Frappe Framework: v5.2.2


I have the same problem with @vinodguddeti. Tried to adjust the warehouse manually still won’t work either. I also have the system in the local server. Download the csv file from the table also not showing the item name, even tough theres the field on the file.


We have updated the latest version of ERPnext ERPNext: v6.13.1 & Frappe Framework: v6.14.1 on our local server then we check stock reconciliation in that if we select single item one by one then able to see item name if we select Get Items Option against warehouse the we are unable/not found item name in that list.
below screen shot for your reference.

Hi there!
I’m also having this problem with added fields in the table. Did you solve the problem?

@umair We would like to have Item Image Field (View) in this table. Could you please guide how can we have that?

I too am having this same issue.