Item price with precalculated/inclusive of tax

Can we calculate the tax with the assumption that the price of the items and the total price entered in the items table is including the tax?

For example, we need VAT calculations here, and usually our purchase invoices clearly separate net price, price including tax, net total and total including tax prices separately. But there are some bills that only prints the total price of the item with the VAT calculated, so to make a correct entry into ERPNext. we need to work backwords and calculate the untaxed, net price. That’s obviously a waste of time, we could do without it.

How can we designate a percentage of the total as tax as opposed to adding the tax to the total?

In the tax table, mark the following option:

The system then back calculates the item price to be tax-inclusive instead of adding the tax on top of the item price.


Is this applicable to Item tax templates?

Yes, I just checked, the checkbox is available there as well if you want it to be default.

Could you share a screenshot ?

This is identical to the interface in the Invoice forms, but setting it in the Sales Taxes and Charges Template or Purchase Taxes and Charges Template will apply the setting to wherever the template is applied globally.

A slight clarification here. If you’re using Item Taxes Template. The way to accomplish this is to go to either: Sales Order/Invoice or Purchase Order/Invoice

Then under the Sales Taxes and Charges(child table), tick the below field.

Or better, search for customize form, look for Sales Taxes and Charges, and set the default of this field(Is this Tax included in Basic Rate?) from 0 to 1.

The confusion arises, because one expects the Is this Tax included in Basic Rate? field on the Item Tax Template, same way it’s under Sales Taxes and Charges Template.