Item Table in Quotation -Total Issue

Hi, I have added another Quotation Table in Quotation form, but I am
getting issue with Total, please have look on screen shot for same.
red boxed is added table and blue boxed is default one. total is coming only for default.

Please suggest what i need to do to rectify this.

same topic:

Yes Same, because no-one is replying on that and I need help urgently.

I would be greatful if you can help me instead of bringing my old topic.

You will have to backtrace this code to Quotation and add your items table to it somewhere. Sorry that is all I can help you right now.

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Hi Kanchan, thanks for reply. actually I am not good with coding, thats the reason I already planned to go for cloud. So just want to know, if I upgrade then will ERPnext will do this kind of configuration for me.


Is there any expert who can help me in detail.