Item Valuation Rate in UI

I’m new to ERPNext so I apologize in advance if this is easy to find and I’m just managing to miss it. I’ve found a few forum threads referencing which database table the valuation rate is stored in, but none referencing where to find it in the UI.

This docs page mentions the following:

One of the major features of any inventory system is that you can find out the value of any item based on its historic or average price. You can also find the value of all your items for your balance sheet.

There is a “Valuation Rate” field for each item on the item page; however, this seems to be a manually inputted value that is used in stock entry situations. The only actual historical cost data I’ve been able to find on a per-item basis are in these locations:

  1. Under Item → Purchase Rate, the last purchase price is shown.
  2. Both the Stock Ledger and Stock Balance reports show a “Valuation Rate”

Is there any easy way of seeing the average cost and historical average cost easily (preferably from the item page)?


In stock ledger report, valuation rate of an item is historical average rate.

Please refer this.


That’s the document I found previously (see link in my initial post). My question is, is that value easily accessible from the Item page (i.e. /desk#Form/Item/{ITEM_CODE} ), so if a sales representative is on the phone with a customer and they pull up an item to see stock quantity and document history, they can easily see the valuation rate?


Right now in item doctype, valuation rate is only for opening Stock. There is no any facility available which you are looking for, if you still want, you can develop it and contribute it. that will be helpful.

I would also like to be able to display valuation rate directly in the item product. It’s possible to see it in the sales order so I guess it should be pretty simple. Any suggestions?

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Were you able to do it?

no I wasnt

We were able to do it by editing the DocType for Sales Invoice Item to add an extra field named valuation_rate who’s Fetch value set to item_code.valuation_rate.

Hope that helps you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the link.

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