Items table missing from Sales Invoice custom format when using new form builder

ERPNext Version 14

When going to Sales Invoice > print > customize > new custom print format > check box “Use the new Print Format Builder”
I’m unable to add the Items child table to the sales invoice. It’s not a choice on the left side
and it’s not included in the default right side.

On the right side in the Items section, the only two fields are “scan barcode” and “set target warehouse”.

This make the new print format builder unusable for sales invoice.

Hi @volkswagner,

Please search items and set the table according to.

check it.

Then reload and check it.

Thank You!

Thanks for the reply @NCP

I’m running ERPNext Ver 14.27.1

Using the [new print format builder] I see the following.

A deeper look shows me the URL includes “beta” so I guess bugs
are expected and should be reported.

Your image looks like the app/print-format-builder/ URL on my system.

Notice the [preview] button on my screen.
I only get packed items.

Hi @volkswagner,

App is not available in the v14 of the frappe framework.

Please check the @maharshivpatel post.

Thank You!

@NCP, @volkswagner is referring to print format builder beta that is in framework. We are planning/discussing to remove it in the future as it is not maintained as of now.

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Thanks gang.

I switched to the standard print format editor.