[July 2019] PR Review bottlenecks and issues

Hey all,

I understand that this is all free software and I don’t in any way own ERPNext, but I feel that if I take the time to genuinely add value to the product and follow the rules that my efforts would be if not reviewed at least treated with some respect.

In the upgrade to V11 we lost the ability to add zero quantity items on all transactions, so like with any open source projects I created a pull request and waited… initially got some questions and responded quickly in the hope that my alterations would be included, then i waited… and waited… and … waited… 2.5 months. Till today it just got marked as “Closed”. No reason, discussion with broader context, nothing… just “closed”.

I’m a little annoyed, I spent real time on that update learning the system and trying to figure out how I can add value in the future. I genuinely appreciate the work done to date and would love to be an ongoing contributor, if there’s something I’m missing then just tell me, its a learning experience, the more devs contributing actual value can only make the product better.

i genuinely think this product can overtake its more fancied competitors, I’ve worked with a few of them (Netsuite in particular) and for most of my clients I see no reason why they can’t in a year or two move to ERPNext and get more flexibility of operation, more control over their data, and faster speed to market through rapid adoption of new processes.

Has anyone else experienced this? I see lots of pull requests being worked on, many accepted and integrated into the product, but how many do we not see? Am I way off and just had a rare bad experience?

I’ve maked some PR and yes, they take their time to get to them and sometimes they don’t even comment, label nor review the PR, it’s a bit frustrating.
Anyways, they closed my PR too.

It’s because we should change the branch, master, hotfix and develop are deprecated so, we should target them at the corrects branches.

Please change your branch and rebase it and then reopen your PR.

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