Just some ideas

After working with ERPNext over the last 6 months I have
learned that it is probably the best erp for SME. The core functionality of the
software covers most uses cases and it is really easy to add new doctypes. In
the past I have used tryton in the past (it a fork of odoo.) It has been a great
system for us but when I say ERPNext I knew it was time to change.

With all of the good the system has there is many places
that I have found it is lacking and many of these issues have been acknowledged
but perhaps not addressed. The guys at frappe are great but as a community I think
we could be doing more.

I think that we could use a project management system that
the community would get behind. Now I have seen Atlassian Confluence recommended
but in my option it doesn’t really fit in the culture of the ERPNext community.
I think that we should look at something like https://taiga.io/.
It features scrum, Kanban, issues, wiki,
tasks, team, and other integrations. Using something like this us as a
community can tackle many of these issue as teams and as induvial relativity quickly.
I also have found many providers have rich GitHub of plugins that they have
developed for ERPNext but I don’t think a majority of the community know about;
let alone an IT manager/ business owner.

The next thing
that we really need to address as a community is omni-channel fulfilment. Now
when I say that we need to make one module that will manage all our items
though a PIM (I loved http://akeneo.com/ for this and I want to write something
like this for ERPNext). We need to be able to integrate with magneto 1 and 2,
Opencart, prestashop, oscommerce, amazon, eBay, etc. I’m sure many people have
great ideas of how we will do this. I am by no part an expert on omni channel
fulfilment but I am highly optioned about it.

I think us as a
community we need to start and develop marketing material that we can share as
service providers. Sales videos that we can have more white labeled to add our
own info; like contact and a logo. I by no means am saying that ERPNext should
be only marketing material. Everything that I write for this will be done in English
but I will be sharing once everything is written. It will be brochure and a
more formal booklet. I don’t know what exists but I think we really need some
step by step onboarding material. I know we have user docs but that is a lot of
information to grasp to start.

I think that we
also need more use cased that we can share with the community. Every industry
is different and will need different module and erp systems can be an unknown
for many business owners.

This is the
roadmap of extensions that my team is going to be working in in the next year.

Integrate into Joomla. I have a customer that will only use it for their
frontend so we are going to have all of the products integrated into vurtuemart
for the ecommerce. We are going to write a joomla component that we will match
the ERPNext site features 1:1. I am hoping to do a majority of this using node.js
so we can port it reality easy to other CMS. They also have marketing.rocket it
is for email automation and that will be integrated into the CRM.

Intergrate into
rocket.chat. This I am not sure the best way to achieve so I would love some
feedback and ideas. I think for the majority it will run standalone but I want
to be able for sales teams to be able to chat with clients and have the record archived
and attached to the customer in the CRM. I want to able to have a bot that we
can use to create quotes directly in rocket.chat. Oauth will be a must for this
integration to bounce back and forth quickly.

I have a chamber
of commerce that is looking to using ERPNext and we are planning on making a
module for a business directory of members and will handle signups.

Contract management.
I am planning in doing this to handle service contract and SLA but we can apply
this to suppliers, customers etc. The first version of this will be a integration with alfresco and will share the
doc between that two parties and will also have a digital signatures attached
to it.

I am also planning on doing a WSO2 integration. They have an
abundant amount of software that can connect to their ESB.

I am also looking at integrating bots for EDI and batch
transactions. (I don’t know much about EDI but one of the developers I work
with does so it you guys have any ideas for this let me know.

I will make this commitment that we will share all of the
code under GPLv3. I want to have a joomla integration out by the end of July
and hopefully everything else will be out by the end of the year.

Another thing that just crossed my mind is and integration
into a helpdesk software that can be in every install that a service provider
or freelance we can solve issues for end users.


Very good idea , who will Implementation this thing .

Taiga looks good, and Atlassian’s JIRA is available free of charge to open-source projects. I think the big question, as @neginy seems to be asking, is how many people are really going to participate in development?

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@PeterDF That is an excellent question and on that I don’t know how
the community would react to using taiga. My motivation is for two reasons.

@rmehta what do you think?

When I find an erpnext/ frappe app on GitHub I have
no ideas of what it truly is and how it functions. When people write an app
they are writing it to solve their problems and not really anyone else. This usually
leads to an app not having any documentation of how it functions or how to
install it. For a new comer this can be intimating.

I could write an app that is truly awesome that
the whole community app could use and one that erpnext team would take and
manage for the project but it’s easier for apps to get lost in github. It could
still happen if we impletment something like Taiga.

As a business owner myself and having work with
few manufactures/ retailers most of them leaned to odoo to solve their issues. On
the outside odoo looks slick and feature rich with all of their plugins.

A business owner that is looking for an ERP
this is all of the extensions that I am going to think that exsist for the
project. At least that is how it is in my area… Most SME can’t afford a IT


Now let’s take a look at odoos apps Odoo Apps | Odoo Apps Store. If I hadn’t have
worked with odoo in the past I would go with this solution based on this alone.

Disclaimer: I have worked with both ERPnext and Odoo. Odoo I
feel is crap and the coding is not pythonic in the least. I also don’t like the
way they have switch to a LGPL license. With doing so they now have a proprietary
version one that that is better than the community. In my option once they did
that they told the community that they are only interested in making money and
not the people that made that project what it is. They already had one fork
Tryon and I’m waiting for another one. Look at SugarCRM. This is why I chose
frappe. The creator really understand what the true meaning of open source
software really is. I don’t have to worry that they will pull the same crap that
Odoo, sugar, and countless others have. Frappe is really a paradigm shift
customization take one time at all and that means it is a lower Total cost of

Sorry for the rant guys.

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also the reason i recommed taiga and not Atlassian’s JIRA is because it fits into the current eco system and would be faster to implement and is not forcing people to use it. Its just a nice option. If people really want somthing like this we should have it done though frappe or the erpnext foundation when it is up and running. I would be willing to install it.

I’ve tried Odoo as well. It was too slow on our server, amongst other problems.

gitHub is a great tool for developers but doesn’t work at all for community input and participation, especially when many people in the community are not programmers. Does Taiga allow voting on issues/features as well as bug tracking?

I brought up JIRA last year, but there didn’t appear to be much interest.

It allows up-voting and down-voting of issues. Jira would requite a lot of work to implement and would in my option would be to disrupting. Something like taiga provides a middle ground

@woakes070048 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Integrations are a great idea but what is the use case? Will you be using them yourself?

Our goal is to keep making ERPNext better. Like I have said other places, what really separates us from Odoo is that we are sustaining via hosting & support at the moment and are not dependant on partner networks, so our goal will be to get as many people use ERPNext is the most efficient manner.

What we have observed is that most cloud users are looking for more complete set of features and even more simplicity in the UI. So that will be our general directions.

We will also be working on connectors either directly or via other contributors. So we would be happy to help you too.

Also we are happy to help anyone wanting to make open source apps.


i also moved out of odoo :stuck_out_tongue: sorry but their POS is unbeatable compare to erpnext

@woakes070048 when you said taiga, this one https://taiga.io/ ?

i am comparising jira vs trello vs favor … taiga is better?

but taiga is a bit expensive :frowning:

There’s nothing saying Taiga can’t be forked though, right?

We should not fork it. Taiga is opensource so we are welcome to host it ourselves. I have it internal at my company and it gives me a better over view of everything that we are working on.

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didn’t know it’s open source, sweet :slight_smile:

I think Erpnext will greatly benefit from integration with either Rocket.Chat or Mattermost. The thing is that the integration should be approached in smart way with different DocTypes. Maybe if we can outline how the integration should work, then we can put a bounty on it

These are all tempting things to do, but the key is getting the core product right. If someone from the community is willing to work on this, we are happy to support!

Btw Foundation is coming soon, so we will have a formal forum to discuss this.

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@ganas i came across this https://github.com/getsmarter/rocketchat-api-rest… might be useful


Hi , @woakes070048 . I feel Mattermost is better than rocketchat

Matter most

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@woakes070048 thanks,s I’ve been going through Rocket.Chat documantation and already convinced it’s better solution than MatterMost (mainly disappointed that mattermost don’t support LDAP and encryption in the open source version) overall Rocket.Chat have more open source culture also mattermost licence quite shady u can take a look at it.

The integration with Erpnext should be generic that apply to any doctype just like email notification, but user can define the list of triggers and action, things like:

  • Reminders from CRM (e.g contact customer follow up …)
  • Submissions (e.g. Leave Application,Material Request,Purchase Receipt…)
  • Approval/Rejections (e.g. Leave Application)
  • used as live support for website
  • notification when assigned or shared
    and the list can go on and on…

However, as I said the integration should be generic for any doctype but need and easy interface to define the tigers, I am after a while the community will start finding new use cases which can be feed back to the integration app where the user can activate/disable them

@Muthu while i respect you option I strongly disagree. I think Rocket.chat is a better platform and the team behind it is very open. The rocketchat team has made it compatible with slacks api so you can use most slack intergrations. I also like the fact that it is written on meteor vs go (mattermost). Now the only thing that i like mattermost for is the groups but that will be added to rocketchat soon. Why do you think that mattermost is better? Maybe i missed something about the platform


@woakes070048 . Yes you are right rocket-chat is the better option , I agree with you, I was insisting matter-most just for the groups as you said , but if that is going to be added to rocket-chat certainly it will be the best . .


Hey guys a fiend of mine showed me this and wanted to know what you think. It seams to be the best of both worlds. it called https://vector.im/ and it is also compatible with slacks api. Matrix ∙ Vector. I am going to try it out and it works as it claims i might migrate my Rocketchat instance to it