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@woakes070048 I don’t know I tried it and for me it looks like more of an IRC replacement for adhoc communication more than business oriented communication, you test it and let us know. For now lets not get lost for specific app, lets look at them in bigger functions like (creating and deleting public and private channels, adding participant to channels and removing them, posting a massage to a channel, sending direct messages, file sharing, help disk …) and based on this functions we can have the blueprints for our integration as follows:

From administrator perspective:

  • When the system admin assign a role to a user, he also can checkbox to add this user to the respective channel. for example, when assigned user A a sales person role, he will be added to sales team channel, and vice versa when the role is revoked .
  • the Admin can assign the users for the Help desk channel.

    From user perspective, something like a single page setting where the user can change default values, like:
  • get direct messages if assigned a doctype, shared, …
  • get messages for reminders for entries in the calendar, task, project …
  • single place where he can define triggers on the doctypes that he has access to ( the triggers can be defined the same we define filters). for example, the user can put a trigger on “Next Contact Date” for the opportunity he’s assigned to receive a direct message reminder ahead of scheduled time.
  • manny triggers will be added by default in the integration based on the user assigned roles, and the user can enable or disable these triggers (I believe the community will come up with new triggers and use case for each role, which will in return increase the number of predefined default triggers for each role in the app, and reduce the need for the user to define his own triggers).

Those are some of the ideas I got so far on how the integration should be, I’m looking forward for the inputs from you guys. for example one place that I still have no idea how to integrate it is comments on doctype

@woakes070048 did you do any work on WSO2 integration?

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The WSO2 intergration is having a developer swap on it. I am hoping to have it done by the end of the month and then sharing with the community


I’m really interested in their WSO2 Identity Server, I’ll will be implementing it in our organization, but first I’ve to do some review on ErpNext LDAP integration it doesn’t look like its a stable integration

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I dont think is. I think we are going to do a SAML2/oauth integration for the WSO2 IS.

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Is there a good reason why u guys choosing SAML over OpenID?
Because I think OpenID will give you more flexibility connecting to different services especially proprietary services like google Apps, 365 …

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To be honest that is what the developer wanted to use. I can have a discussion with him about it as to why.

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I think with WSO2 IS it doesn’t matter which one you use, it still can provide bridging to other cloud services using connectors

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@ganas In the next week or so i am going to start doing some flow diagrams and ui mock-ups for a chat integration. I like your suggestions so im going to include them. I am also planning on setting up a taiga io instance for people from the community if they want to use it. So i will send you an invite once that is done.


More or less accidentally read thus topic which is interesting.

It covers different, unrelated things though which does not comply with the unix principle of doing one thing only and doing it good :slight_smile:

Joking aside I’d like to suggest spinning off more specific topics whuch I believe will bring larger audience = more input = better results to each thing. … hope you don’t mind


@vrms haha but i really am enjoying systemD :grinning:

I agree I will take some time and start to split this out into a more manageable thread and will be adding it all to a taiga for project management very soon.


@ganas this might be a good place to start Slack Notification App

This is not really an integration, its just sending a specific automated message to manually created web hook

For now, I’m modelling the integration after Email alerts, I’ll update mockups later

I thinks this how the integration for sending messages be like

the other place is, when the admin create a user, then also the user is created in the Chat app, when a role is added or removed, then the user is added to the respective channel

@ganas sad but i did find this today. GitHub - Athenolabs/messaging_mattermost. I must have forked it a long time ago and forgot about it. && GitHub - mntechnique/mnt_oauth might looks intersting but will have to check it out

@woakes070048 Did you succeeded about RocketChat or Taiga integration ? I’m have both of them on-premise but I can’t use them in ERPNext.

@qrevel we had started but nothing never came of it. We where hoping that the community would know what system then would like to use. I can try to dig up the code and look at where we left off. I was never planning on doing an integration into taiga, i was hoping that the community would like to use it.

If we do start to work on the chat integration into rocket.chat how would you like to see it. I was planning on for the first deployment to have messages posted to rocketchat and then having a search feature.

@woakes070048 i have the following ideas:

1 - Before the chat integration it could be interesting to have a real Slack Integration (for selling, buying, hr…) forked from the one you discuss with @ganas.

2 - For the first version of rocket.chat integration, i think about having a main chat connected to a specific channel and private chats for private messages.

3 - In future version search feature would be nice and a bot to control ERPNext (like list outstanding invoice, make invoice from sale order…)

@woakes070048 Want to ask, what about the integration / API to Magento or Virtuemart?
Best regards

Hi, just going through this thread and it’s very lovely, I would like to know if there was any progress made.