Letter Head HTML / Table Setup

HI there,

I’m trying to set up an HTML table for my letterhead, that would look like the following:

I can use the WYSIWYG editor to insert a table and an image, however, as soon as I press “enter” (return) after entering my company name to the cell to the right, the whole table just shifts down… I do not get a line-return in the table, as shown here:

I’ve also tried entering raw HTML to have this work, but it seems that entering HTML in the GUI editor seems to be broken for me too :frowning:

Any thoughts?
I’m using the latest, well, the latest release as of two days ago.

What you are seeing is the Markdown Editor that comes with v11. You can Customize the DocType and change the Text Editor to HTML Editor and that will let you insert raw HTML. (Note: this does not give you an actual HTML Editor, just an empty text field that will accept HTML and a Preview window that will give you an approximation of the web view.

Step-by-Step (if you are a newbie like me)

  1. Go to the Letterhead you want to update.
  2. Under the Menu dropdown there is choice to “Customize”. This brings up the DocType.
  3. Scroll down to the “Fields” section. In my v11 version Line 4 is Content and Line 5 is Footer (your Doctype might be different.)
  4. Both of these lines have a “Type” of “Text Editor”. If you click and hold on that for a second, you will se a long list of other types displayed.
  5. Select “HTML Editor” and then click “Save”. When you return to the Letterhead you should see an empty text field that will take your raw HTML.

Note: You can use this same process on other DocTypes and Fields. If you have Web Pages that require an actual HTML Editor you might want to look at this link.


Following up on this one. I tried the suggested solution by MichaelPinkowski. Although this solution worked in many other cases, changing the value from Text Editor to HTML Editor does not seem to work for Letter Head.

Has anyone found a solution for editing letter head in html mode?

I am also happy for any other hint of how to put the comany address to the bottom of the first invoice page.

Figured it out!

Just in case someone else is running into this…

After deinstalling the jodit_html_editor it worked with the basic workaround described here.

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