Link fields sometimes not translated

Hi all,

the is an observation for an improvement for this great ERP system: in some cases, for example the Country DocType, the name of the DocType record is also its content, i.e. Switzerland. This is then used for example in the Address record. Now when the GUI is e.g. in German, it would be nice if this is translated.
Another example is the salutation, which if not translated is sometimes strange. And for a real multi-lingual implementation, there should be a core language which is being translated.

Now I know in some cases the translation works, e.g. when the link is for a DocType field, e.g. on the Customize Form page, where the DocType selection is translated. While this currently (v10.1) still has a known issue (Translation issue: seaching for a translated link field), can this be enabled? Is there a reason for the different behaviour?

Thanks for any insights!