Translation issue: seaching for a translated link field

Hi all,

I am noting here an issue that probably many know: in case you have a system set up in a language other than English and you are in a form with a link field, it will translate the link target but not correctly find it on the entered text.

For example the data import: assuming I have a system in German an want to import customers (“Kunde”), I would start typing “Kun…”. This returns no hits.


However, if I type in English, the system provides the correct results:


I.e. what I type is matched against the original and the returned translated. Obviously, this defeats the purpose of the translation, as I need to know the target in English. It should match the entered text against the translated values…

This is observed in Frappe 10.1.xx an earlier.

Is there already an issue on Github regarding this, improvements in the pipeline or a workaround?

Hi @lasalesi,

I have opened an issue and a pull request on this matter:

It is currently under review by the Frappe team.

It is indeed a big issue for people using the system in another language than english.


Thank you, @chdecultot, this is great! 100% agree and appreciate your contribution!