List of Hospital/Clinics using ERPNext Healthcare

Hi, Would appreciate if members can write down name and location of hospital or clinics that are using ERPNext in production.

Would be nice to know what is client side feedback.

Thank you


You can see a previous discussion about it here.

There is no comprehensive list yet. There are few clinics & hospitals which are using ERPNext Healthcare in production.


List of Hospitals

  • People’s Hospital And Research Institute, Trivandrum, India
  • Manur Multi Speciality hospital in Gulbarga, Karnataka, India
  • Sahaj Hospital, Indore, India
  • RYK Hospital, Pakistan

PEOPLE’S HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Trivandrum - They are using the ERPNext for the last 2 months and it is completely live. They are using ERPNext for appointment, patient encounter, lab and pharmacy. Client is very happy till today. Special thanks to @akurungadam. He helped us to implement the project successfully.


What’s the POS used for pharmacy.

We have implemented for Manur Multi Speciality hospital in Gulbarga,Karnataka. It’s OPD, IPD, and Lab. So far so good.
But we do have challenges

  • patient advance refund is a painful process(create JV and reconcile)
  • we had to implement customized discharge summary reports
  • daily cash reports
  • current inpatient billing report
  • healthcare insurance feature is missing but under development
  • inpatient services tracking and billing
  • option to select and print merged lab test reports
  • lab tests cancellation on invoice cancellation

Most of these can be be resolved by custom development. But I feel many of these have to be addressed in the core itself.

With HSO( healthcare service order) being developed I guess some of these will be resolved .


we are using the sales invoice doctype as the medicine details are coming from the patient encounter.

@youssef sorry for tagging you here. The posawesome is a very good POS that can be utilized for pharmacy.

For healthcare domain we should have the provision for selecting patient as customer in POS. Actually every patient is linked with a customer and sales invoice doctype for healthcare domain has a custom patient link field that loads customer when patient is selected.

I guess with only this change posawesome will make a great pharmacy module for healthcare.


@mujeerhashmi I like the website and self registration form you made on Frappe framework. Thank you for the response. My use case is for a clinic of a large company. The clinic is to be used by employees only. It is manned by about 18 employees and services about 80-90 patients daily. Few customization needed like integration with Active Directory, sick leave form generated by doctors to update the HR module via API, filling of 3-4 government related forms, integration with few medical devices (they only service basic medical needs, any emergency needs are serviced by other large hospitals) and if possible integration with insurance companies (subject to insurance companies having this function).

There are no payments as this is company clinic.


Thanks. I am in contact with @akurungadam

In that case erpnext healthcare rocks. If no finances are involved and more or less your use case looks to be out patient only so it should be a breeze.

@aakvatech have done HL7 compliant medical device integrations. I guess they have already shared it.

We are deploying ERP for Sahaj Hospital Indore for their running hospital activities and upcoming Sahaj Therapy Centers . Recently released Capacity Based Appointment and Treatment Plan should address lacking of requirements. Insurance module is the need of the client.


Yes, code & documentation for HL7 integration is available here.

No problem

I have supported this feature now, but in a different way, as when saving the invoice, the application will check if there is a patient associated with this customer and put it in the patient field.

You can check it from develop branch here

I hope this solution is suitable

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@karanigk you can mention your use case if you want.

RYK hospital(3 branches, 300+ beds, 500+ employees) has implemented Frappe Health and is live.

They published a case study as well.|-healthcare-industry-management-software-its-implementation-a-case-study

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