Login page is messy after updating to version-13

I just updated my system from version-12 to version-13 but I initially encountered an error like this
pymysql.err.InternalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘test_name’ in ‘field list’”)

Then I followed this link.

After overwriting the patch file as instructed my login page css is now disturbed. And the login page looks like this.

Can someone please help me in fixing this issue.
Thanks in advane

did you try “bench update --build”?

Yes the same error persists

You can get a clue from the console logs. For me, it was due to vuejs missing so npm install vuejs solved it. You may also try bench update --requirements

Assuming you are using a linux machine, please check home folder permission where ERPNext is installed. It should be 755 rather than 750.