Looking for Examples of ECommerce website built on ERPNext

ECommerce ships as standard with ERPNext’s website module.
I am yet to see a fully functional and reasonably well made ECommerce website on ERPNext.
Please share examples if anyone is aware.
I am not looking for an integration but a ECommerce website on ‘Vanilla’ ERPNext.


Hi Dhananjay
Pure ERPNext Ecommerce Website with Razorpay Integration
Doing its Job
Krishnan Hemanth

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WIP. Our 1st foray on V11. Still lots more to add.


try https://schaff.co.in

Looks great!

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Has been up and running since 2014…
Now in the process of adding V12 functionality…
Do me a favour…dont make an account :slight_smile:



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Rich and vibrant website.

Is it customized ?


My clients are looking for e-commerce website. But I don’t have full confidence on erpnext.

If somebody will help or guide me than I will pitch my client.

If Anybody is intrested pls let me know.

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I really have not come across a very elaborate e-commerce website, built on vanilla ERPNext. You have to be using ERPNext as an ERP to value the eCommerce features.
Standalone eCommerce website based on ERPNext may not make a lot of sense.


Hi All
ErpNext is pretty close in its ecommerce module
a few enhancements and it can go on par with others

  1. customers should be able to buy with out login
  2. handling returns
  3. customer should be able to cancell orders
  4. shipment tracking
    A few of these enhancements can make it more customer friendly

Additionally the following is needed:

  1. Better UX Design and ease in customization
  2. Better performance at larger scale(more items, handling load etc.)

We are building using HUGO, Github & Awesome Shipping Cart. You can also use other CMS to manage the front end, as such probably is the most important aspect.

Hi folks,

I´m currently working on this natura.red it needs a lot of work at the front & back ends.

It has been quite a ride with Frappe/ERPNext. I really enjoy the framework.

All critics are very welcome.


Hi Ivan
Your Website looks good
Could you please tell me whats the size of the logo on the main mage in pixels
the natura.red logo on the top left side on the main page
I am trying to do it on my website and i just can get a sharp image to be displayed
Thanks and regards

Thank you Krishnan.

The original logo is PNG no background 900 x 216px, I uploaded as is, and configure in Website/templates, the css to fix a height of 40px and automatically resizes the image to 166.66px width.


Hi Ivan
Thanks a lot for your reply
shall try it out
Thanks again

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hi Ivan
Thanks for the help
It worked like charm

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‘Vanilla’ ERPNext website for B2B leads purpose(no checkout): https://corp.gmplab.com (v12)
example service page: https://corp.gmplab.com/services/google-ads-management

Hi Ivan
Would you be kind enough to let me know
how did you size your images for the main page slide show
have you used any code or any specific resoulution
Thanks and regards