Looping within dataset


I have the below sql query and I need to loop within it, so the what the d will be? For example, if I need to access the values inside d, then it will be: d[0][0] and so on, or how?

     RC_board =  frappe.db.sql("""
            select parent, abbr, amount from `tabSalary Detail`
            where parent in (select name from `tabSalary Slip`
            where employee in (select employee from tabEmployee where employment_type like %(emp_type)s)
            and start_date >= %(from_date)s)
            and (abbr = 'RC' or abbr = 'B')
            """, {"emp_type": "Board%", "from_date": from_period})

And the sql dataset values as following:


Now if I used for loop as following:

for d in RC_board:

What d will contains and how I can access its values?


@bghayad, Refer following link -