Making ERPNext less eye-straining - is it possible?

I have a question about reducing eye strain on ERPNext.

You see, lots of the pages on ERPNext are a blinding white, which gets very stressful on the eyes after a few hours of looking at it.
For example:

As you can see, very, very bright. Is there any way to add any color to the pages so they don’t act like a massive floodlight aiming directly at you?


There is not templating support out of the box.

Maybe you can make your own Bootstrap template (?)

Also you could turn down the brightness on your monitor.


f.lux is a pretty great piece of software that adjusts the tone and brightness of your monitor based on the time of the day. Takes a while getting used to, but it reduces eye strain.

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I have another problem. I cannot distinguish between the greys and whites on my monitor. they seem very similar, especially in selections.
For example in chat, I cannot see who’s name is highlighted.

  1. can we not just change colors of the backend?
  2. If so which css need to be modified?
  3. how to avoid that these modifications are not overwritten by updates?


take a look at my apps GitHub - RandyLowery/ni_dark_theme: Dark Theme for frappe
GitHub - RandyLowery/nilighttheme: Ligth Material Based CSS for Frappe

view the screenshots here Custom App Themes for Erpnext

@Randy_Lowery themes are great I have been using everyday. @Randy_Lowery have you thought of merging the themes and making it selectable (light or dark) for user?

thanks @woakes070048 i had think about it, would be easier for the end user but unfortunately i dont know how to get it work by know, ill be contributing with more themes and if get one unified app surely i will share it too.

Wow the themes are so nice @Randy_Lowery !
You have frontend website themes too?

I also use and like f.lux.