Manual accounting entry after sales invoice submission insted of auto entry

Currently when we submit a sales invoice it makes accounting entries to accounts receivables and income head automatically . Is it possible to do that manually ?

I want that I will submit sales invoice but not entry will be created to any accounting head . I will do that from journal entry . Please help

Have you checked Is POS in your Invoice? If so just remove that check, so it will not create payment voucher entry agaist invoice on its submission.

Hello @saurabh6790

Thank you very much for your answer. I do not understand what you mean . I didn’t checked IS POS . If is pos is selected how could entry have been made in account receivable ?

As I saw its ERPNexts regular feature that an automated entry have been made in account receivable and income head when a successful sale have been done and an invoice is raised . I just don’t want those automated entry I want to do it manually after I raise an invoice or after I submit an invoice . Is it possible ?

Hello @saurabh6790

Can you please replay my question ?


@inventobd No, it is not possible. By the way, why you want like that way, any specific reason?


Yes because I don’t want to log income to income head until sell is realized . So I have created a different head where I make entry when I sale something .I have service not product. If I sale something of 50k then I don’t rise any invoice before its delivered , I log every payment as advance until I deliver . I log all transaction manually until from account receivable to final payment . When it’s done and I submit invoice it login payment in account receivable again so it create double entry .

Here you will get detail : Feature Reaquest / Paid Development: Log transection into a libility account insted of income account until delivery is compleated for service based organization · Issue #4006 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
Revenue recognition principle terms for ERPNext

If I sponsor it is it possible ?

I doubt, we will be able to include the feature request. No other users have asked for the same? And I think it will be a non-standard way and can break the integrity.

By the way, what is the problem while making advance entry against Sales Orders, and invoicing after full delivery?


Problem is I do not have any account receivable entry until I raise an invoice . So doing transaction with client without account receivable is confusing for accounting department . So without rising invoice I did this from journal entry and start transaction:

Account receivables (Debtors) Debit 50000
Unrealised Sales Credit 50000
(Temporary Liability account until I deliver service and move this to income)

But after getting full payment as advance and adjust it with account receivable like example :

Cash/Bank Debit 20000
Accounts receivable Credit 20000
(Same for next 30000)

Then I just want to adjust account unrealize head with income head after everything . But

When I raise invoice after full delivery and getting full payment I got this

Account Receivable - (Dr) 50,000
Income - (Cr) 50,000

So I have got double entry in account receivable after submitting invoice for one sales order . And it impacts everywhere in accounts , in report and all sheets . Is there any easy solution ?

@inventobd Why are your customers making advance payments? Is this for defined parts of the contract which have been completed? If it is then that part of the contract is realised and can be recongised in the accounts as per the accounting standards I previously linked you to.

can anyone tell me how to set incoming mail setting?? and set up working processes???

@inventobd You can select a Liability Account as Income Account in the Sales Invoice, for that you have to specify “Account Type” of that liability account as “Income Account” or “Temporary”. Is that solve your problem?

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That is a great idea man :slight_smile: . Yes it can solve my problem for sure . But how I select that temporary or income account in Item page and set as "Default income account " for my item or company ? I couldn’t select that

And after sales is complete if I move the amount from that Liability - temporary / income account to actual income account does it will impact on profit loss statement ?

Will fix in item form.


Should I open a GitHub issue for this ?

@inventobd I have already fixed in my local. Should be released on next week.


This will be merged and released today

You are just awesome :smile: