Manual install on centos 6.5 where apache, mysql, python already isntalled

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Hi Mehta,
I want to install the the framework and erpnext in Centos 6.5 machine where Apache, Mysql, python 2.7.9, postgres 9.3 and wkhtmltopdf already installed and running. As you said nginx is optional, i want to use Apache

From the guides of manual install, if Apache substitute for Nginx, then only Redis will need to add.

I have been googling arround for 3 days try to find the guide to complete and running but can’t found any match yet.

Could you please share some steps to install the the missing component and the configuration to make bench/frappe/erpnext up and running with Apache.


@bunhin You will have to figure out how to generate equivalent Apache configs for the nginx config. if you are not an apache expert, its not worth the effort. Just run nginx on another port along-side apache, or just set erpnext up on a VM

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@bunhin I agree with @rmehta If possible just spin up a fresh Centos7 VM with Nginx.
What is your preference for using Apache? My understanding is that Nginx is much quicker?
I have heard that Postgres allows for remote clients to store data locally on the device and then update/sync with the master online DB after reconnecting to the internet. Is this possible?
Regardless, If you come up with what you consider to be an enhanced Frappe/ERPNext easy install script please share on Git.
Thanks :slight_smile: