Manufacturer fields under Item Master

I have been using ERPNext for several weeks now and LOVE IT!!!

Before I get too far ahead of myself I want to make sure I’m using it correctly…

On the Item Master we have the field ‘Brand’ and ‘Manufacturer’. To me these fields are the same thing - or at least that is how I have been using them - I hope this is right…

If they are supposed to be the same thing, could we get the field to link to the list?

I interpret “Brand” as your brand name for the item (you may have several brand names, and may sell the “same” item using more than one brand name).

I interpret “Manufacturer” as the original manufacturer of a product (OEM). I typically purchase from re-sellers, and we need to record the OEM and OEM part number because that’s what the design engineers specify, the same OEM item can typically be purchased from one of several re-sellers.


Brand and Manufacturer may be same or may not. If in your case they are same, you can link manufacturer field to Brand master from Setup -> Customize Form. Change the fieldtype of Manufacturer field to “Link” and in Options mention “Brand”.

I tried to link the field. Error says “can’t link field”.

perhaps I have a value in manufacturer that doesn’t match brand? or it can’t be linked?

Yeah, those existing values will not show if you convert it to link field. Thats why system does not allow to change the field type. You can just write a simple custom script to copy the data from Brand to Manufacturer field.

frappe.ui.form.on("Item", "brand", function(frm){
    frm.set_value("manufacturer", frm.doc.brand);