Manufacturing Module Catch up Session

Hi to all Manufacturing Module Volunteers! As what has been mentioned in our Telegram group, we will have a catch-up session tomorrow. Please see the details below. For those who wanted to join the team, please feel free to PM me or make a comment here. You are very much welcome to us!

Meeting Link :
Time : 10:30 AM GTM 7+ Satruday , 9:30 PM CST Friday


Follow up with the Proposal
Presentation of the Consolidated Proposal by Jay Ram
Giving Priority of the Feature Proposals in terms of Development
Showcase on-going PR under Manufacturing Module

@hokgt @hectortm @JayRam @KanchanChauhan

See you!



Whoa, Dori. I have another commitment tomorrow and I can’t attend. Apologies but neither am I ready to present the consolidated proposal.

Can we do this next week please?



Hi @JayRam and all volunteers,

My apologies. Please scratch this

Presentation of the Consolidated Proposal by Jay Ram .

I got a hold of a document with Manufacturing Module Proposal and assume it was already the consolidation done by Jay. With regards to the postponement, let me contact the others.



Hi All,

Meeting is cancelled for today. Will post here once a new schedule is decided for next week. Please keep in touch in our Telegram group chat. @hokgt @hectortm @JayRam @KanchanChauhan @Muzzy @Boacasa



Is there a proposal now?

I’m primarily a user but especially interested in PLM as well as traceability of controlled material (by batch, lot or serial number) through manufacturing and also de-manufacturing. My intention isn’t to interject into the manufacturing module team, but I would really like to be able to review and follow a requirements document, a groomed backlog and story list, or whatever artifacts you will use to manage the “project” of the manufacturing module.

If I can start following along, I can start thinking about how client processes will be managed in ERPNext, or will need to be adapted. I can consider how to benefit clients, and how to pitch features to potential clients, and I think the visibility of having the module definition come together in public would be fantastic. I also presume this is visibility only, the people doing the work will still make the decisions of course.

Thank you for your time,

P.S. I don’t understand how testing is done in ERPNext, and by extension a manufacturing module, but it would seem also related and useful to publish intentions in the open.

Hi Dory,
this is Joseph John. Like to be part of the manufacturing module, I am not a developer but very keen in understanding the features
Please do add me to the telegram group.
Please send me the link to join the telegram group

Hi Dory
keen to be the part of manufacturing module
would you please add me


Bumping up this thread. I am keen to contribute to the development of the Manufacturing module. Manufacturing is a place where I have worked hands on.

I want to know if there is any core set of volunteers/team which I can join for discussions.