Mautic Integration Not Working - Please Help


Very new to ERPNext previously used SuiteCRM and love it so far, I use mautic for email marketing so decided to install the mautic app as per instructions on GitHub - dokos-io/mautic: Mautic integration with ERPNext.

I manage to get ERPNext to successfully authenticate with mautic but for some reason the segments don’t seem to populate in ERPNext. I also created a new customer in ERPNext and associated a contact to see if it would then send to mautic but nothing happened.

I saw the notes about scheduler being enabled and that it runs hourly so have left it a few hours and also tried to re-authenticate with mautic with new API credentials.

I have seen some errors populate in ERPNext logs regarding data migration but not sure if that’s to do with the mautic app installed.

If i’m missing something or if there is another way of doing this would appreciate the help.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04LTS

I seem to have continued errors in error log every hour saying:

[{u’message’: u’Looks like I encountered an error (error #404). If I do it again, please report me to the system administrator!‘, u’code’: 404, u’type’: None}]

Mautic settings have Outh2 key in and when i authenticate it redirects back to erpnext saying successful return to desk.

I´m evaluating this ERP as one of my potential clients has recently implemented it on his company. Has anyone experience with its integration to an APS System like Preactor?