Message on Submitting Repack Stock Entry

I created repack stock entry,
Entered materials from stores and one item in finished goods. (which is the result of repacking)
on submitting it I got an error:

No accounting entries for the following warehouses: 
                   Stores - MNT
               Finished Goods - MNT

is this an error?
Are accounting entries for warehouses recorded on submitting re-pack stock entry?


Please refer to:

I am trying this on migrated site.
same site on v4 was working properly.

Purchase Receipts were made properly in v4 and Stores Warehouse as well as stores A/c show material received. After migrating to v5 this message is shown.

I can see “Stock Assets - MNT” Parent Group under each warehouse (Stores, WIP, FG).
I cannot see any warehouse linked with Account Ledgers (Stores A/c, WIP A/c, FG A/c)
and when i try to set warehouse there is an error “Stock entries exist against warehouse Stores - MNT, hence you cannot re-assign or modify Warehouse”

Pushed a patch to fix this.
Solved the problem.
Thanks :slight_smile: