Migrating from Netsuite


I have been reviewing ERPNext for a while and it feels like a solid product.

I am a CTO for my own company, we have been using (Oracle) Netsuite for the past 10 years. Data migration including transactions and GL is a must. Now that is not an easy task with Netsuite, I recently watched this video (it deals with Netsuite to Odoo but that is not the important part for the matter) and can only confirm what is said about Netsuite:

Has anybody here already migrated from Netsuite? I would truly appreciate any experience and thoughts on the subject.

Thank you.

Hey ,

I am actually in the same position as you, currently migrating from Netsuite. Have you managed to complete the migration and how was your experience. Any hints from you would be appreciated.


You could possibly check the below the following link on how to migrate opening balances. If you are looking migrate transaction data then doing that via journal entries would be your best bet.

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Thanks for your reply but what we are doing right now is importing all transactions, Customers, Suppliers, HR data, etc… as CSV imports into ERPNext. Though we do need to import the historic “Closed”/“Paid” transactions into ERPNext, what would be the best way for these transactions to be imported without going the journal entries route. As for the open transactions, the link you provided is helpful.

Thank you.



Thanks for reaching out. We are also currently in the process of migration. I recommend to backup your data via SuiteAnalytics Connect service - we managed to get it free of charge for 3 months as “demo”.

As for the migration of transactions - it will be the next step and our intention is to use the data from SuiteAnalytics Connect.


Excellent that there are multiple implementations migrating from Netsuite to ERPNext.

Apologies if this is being very simplistic, but wouldn’t it be easier to map the tables of the transactions between Netsuite and ERPNext and do it at the Database level? It maybe complicated to set up the mapping completely and precisely, but once done your transactions should migrate in a jiffy.

Good luck on the migration and please do let us (the community) know periodically as to how you guys are doing.



Definitely will provide feedback. We have been using Netsuite for the past 10 years and it is a challenge to change.

Thank you for the suggestion on the migration at the database level but I am a bit sceptical - there is a lot of differences among the 2 systems.

Our partner (www.grynn.ch) is very good with data migrations, I hope they post their feedback as well. @Deepak_Pai?

Ahh! Mr. Deepak Pai. You’re in good hands!



Thanks Jay! :smile:
There are many ways to skin this cat:

  • One method hand map the transactions at the db level by reconstructing it for sales invoice /purchase invoice etc. (like you said @JayRam )

  • second method is just look at JSON structure from NetSuite and auto-create a schema & reverse engineer the db. I think we will get about 90% right and then manually map the remaining to get to a mapping that we can be happy with.

Nice challenge :slight_smile:


First, we migrated all the data from Netsuite to Google Query and from there we plan to remap the DB to ERPNext via JSON or Data Import / Export forms. Let me know if you need any further pointers. Regards

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Hope to have a nice beer to celebrate the migration from Oracle to ERPNext.


I agree it is a good article

In your opinion which things were not exact ?