Missing data from quotation PDFs

Since upgrading to 11.1.23, quotations are missing the customer details from the top of the PDF.

Is there something that we need to change on our side as part of upgrade from v10?



no idea whether this can be caused by a v10 > v11 upgrade but it looks like the print format (which is responsible for creating the pdf) you are using is missing the customer details you mention.

So, as a first step for troubleshooting I’d look at the print format you are using and see whether you can fix your problem through this by creating a net custom print format. The manual has some articles touching that issue

Confirming problem with Wind Power LLP site installed locally. Seems to be with new Quotations , one created previously render ok. Same with standard and new print formats.

I believe this is very much an issue that’s to do with the Version 11.1.23 update. I been using V11 for many months without this issue. However ever since I update yesterday morning, I also cant get any customer information into the Quotations.

The drop down section in the sales invoice that we were able to previous expand has completely disappeared. The Quotations names are now the quotation number not the customer name and all customer information from the PDF is missing. I posted this issue in another thread as well. We are awaiting a quick response from the ERPNext team.

If this cant be resolved soon, until such time its resolved is there anyway I can revert back to V11.1.22 keeping my data intact?

so you’re experiencing the same issue during a upgrade between a minor versions (v11.1.x > v11.1.23) then?

That really smells more like a bug in v11.1.23 and should be reported in the github issues I guess.
Is anyone of you able to do that?

I think some member have already reported this on github 2 days ago, No response yet.

" Quotation broken in latest release v11.1.23
#17420 opened 2 days ago by azharul-islam"

what you can do to raise attention to this is upvote the issue by adding a thumbs up (+1) at the top right of the initial issue comment

Is there any way to undo an update (i.e. V11.1.23 → V11.1.22) keeping the data intact ?

I think yes, by checking out the previous commit. If you don’t understand those terms, that probably means your expertize of using git is not sufficient to manage such an operation without problems.

You are right, my knowledge on this is limited, so I better not become adventurous. Might end up with more problems. :slight_smile:

Somebody tagged it on the end of https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/issues/17420

You want a separate bug?

in such a case I recommend to learn about having an environment where you can take (and restore) snapshots of your server. which easily would enable you to get back to a state before a bench update operation. So, if you run inside a VM or container of any kind the chances are good that there at least is a feature for snapshots available.

Luckily I do run in a virtual environment. I believe I have a snapshot before the upgrade. But I will be loosing 2 days of data. Thats what I was trying to avoid.

Oh well, I guess reverting to the previous snap now is better than in a week.

not, if you are able to backup your db now and restore today’s backup after you have reverted your installation to the point before the upgrade. I wouldn’t expect the differences where so large that you’d run into problem with restoring the db to the earlier frappe/ERPNext environment.

The thought did cross my mind, but I was worried that if db structures, data had changed in the upgrade I may end up with corrupted data in the ERP.

If it restore without any problem, do you know anyway to carry out an data integrity check afterwards.

how about

  1. make a backup of your db now
  2. make a snapshot of your server now
  3. restore yesterdays snapshot
    3.1. make db backup of that point in time just for security
  4. restore todays db backup (on yesterdays state of server)
  5. test

if anything brakes

  1. restore snapshot of your server of today (an you are back to where you have started)

Thanks. I’ll try this and let you know how it does.

If using Virtualbox, see if the .ova that you can download has an earlier version and restore your current db to that, although I would give @vrms 's suggestion a try first.

Ok. I managed to restore my current db to a previous snapshot. Now I’m back on V11.1.20. Phew…

Thank you @vrms for all your support. I checked the numbers through the chart of accounts against the final copy and all seems to match so I’m thinking the restore was successful.

Now lets wait for the bug fixed V11.1.23.

good to hear it worked out

as I said “thumbs up” (+1) on the github issue will raise it’s priority