Mobile View missing Standard Filters

Hi everyone,

As I found out from the following github entry. The standard filter has been deliberately limited to 3 fields only. While i understood the intention is to achieve better User Experience for mobile user, I don’t quite agree with the approach to sacrifice functionality in order to achieve it.

Moreover, this change has impacted my user and they are claiming the mobile version is totally unusable due to this change. Can I suggest we unhide these fields or at least make it expandable/collapsible on the mobile view?

In the meantime, we’d like to undo this change ourselves, can anyone tell us where do we need to edit to show all standard filters on the mobile view?

Thank you.

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Check this, it may help

Thank you!
This did the trick!
//if (filter_count > 3) {
// $(f.wrapper).addClass(‘hidden-sm’).addClass(‘hidden-xs’);

Glad it helped. You should mark the post as solution to close this thread.

Yup sure, please proceed to close this thread