MongoDB for Frappe


We want to use MongoDB for frappe instead of MariaDB.
Is it feasible? What kind of changes we need to do?


Hi. Let me give you my humble opinion.

I think that is not possible without make big changes in the code, because frappe and erpnext use heavily mysql in the code.
To do that you have to maintain two dbs: mongodb and mariadb, or, as was discuss here before, to use, for instead, DAL from web2py. DAL is a good option because you can use the most common db in use today. It is a good project to embrace it will give frappe a huge push.

Just my opinion, but if there is anybody who want to embrace a project like this i would like to help and participate. It would be nice if the team participate too. With DAL you can use, mysql, mongodb, postgresql etc.

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Mongo db and MariaDB are very different DBMS with very different purposes. A common abstraction layer abstracts what’s common, but potentially diminishes individual strengths. Before talking about “how”, can you elaborate on “why” you want to use mongodb?


Why would you want to do that? I’m curious