Multi Currency Account General Ledger Report Error


I am facing an issue in General Ledger Report .While generating general ledger report for accounts other than base currency , it seems that the system reverse calculates the debit/credit amount from base currency with the latest exchange rate instead of historical exchange rates. The same issue is also there in payment allocation against invoices. Please see the attached screen shot

Hi @shameem, i see your post in github.

This post is in OCT18 and not resolve in V11. This is fundamental.

Please have you link to refer to that issue here?

There’s also this (year old) discussion Multi Currency Reporting

that refers to this from tundebabzy Report presentation currency by tundebabzy · Pull Request #12670 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

“view General ledger report, profit or loss and balance sheet in any currency of your choosing (just make sure you have set exchange rates)”

This echoes too the need for report testing What happened to the good old reports? - #18 by clarkej