Multi-level BOM with Production Planning Tool

I swear I have read every forum post on the Production Planning tool and watched the video/read the documentation many times.

Can someone give me a clear example of how to set up a Multi level BOM structure in such a way that the production planning tool will generate “purchase” material requests for all the items?

I can generate “manufacture” material requests only currently with multi level bom unchecked. When multi level bom is checked I cannot generate ANY material requests. Using V7.

Please help!

@umair @ArundhatiS can you help


When creating Bill of Materials, please create Bill of Materials for the sub-assemblies first. The Bill of Material for the finished item should be made in the end. In the finished item’s BOM, with the sub-assembly items, their respective BOM will be selected as well.

If BOM is configured as suggested above, then finished item’s BOM will include all the raw materials required, even one’s in the BOM of sub-assembly items.

When doing Material Planning, if you wish to see the stock level for all the raw material items (including sub-assemblies), then ensure to check “Use Multi-level BOM” field.

Hope this helps.

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I’ve been able to create a “purchase” material order now from the Production Planning Tool, but ONLY if I do not use a nested BOM structure.

Will the Production Planning tool make a “purchase” material order for an Item that has a BOM attached? Just to be clear, I want a “purchase” material order created for the Item that has the BOM attached AND for it’s raw materials. If so, please tell me the settings I need for the Item and the BOM.

What I’m trying to do is very similar to this topic:

All of the work is subcontracted out in various stages to build the final product. I have followed the Subcontracting workflow suggested by Rmehta, but I have no luck getting the PPT to give me the right material requests so I can RFQ.

I have created the BOM’s and submitted them in order from lowest Raw material up to the 1 sellable object that is on the sales order, no luck. Please help me with the settings.

Currently, the Manufacturing module doesn’t allow you to create Purchase MRs for items with BOMs attached to them. When you don’t have Multi-level BOMs checked, it will create Manufacture MRs for those items with BOMs associated. If you have Multi-level BOMs checked, it won’t create any for the items with BOMs associated.

I’ve submitted a pull request that allows you to select what type of MR is created for each part, so hopefully very soon you’ll be able to get the workflow as you’d like.

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Thank you Ben, I hope this gets merged into the main soon!