Multiple Customer Account Statements

Hello, I am trying to find the best way to process multiple customer account statements at once.

Right now, we are using Quickbooks, and one of the things that it allows us to do is create statements for all Customers with open account balances. Once you click print, Quickbooks then prints out multiple statements (one statement per customer), and on each statement, it gives them an overview of how many invoices are outstanding, each invoice’s number and posting date as well as the original amount and balance owed.

We generally process these statements every month and mail them to the customer so they can get a complete overview of their account, and handle any past due balances.

I would like the ability to do something similar within ERPNext, and considering that this is a fairly standard accounting procedure, I would be surprised if it is not already built in. So far though, the only thing that I have found that produces a result similar to what we have now is running an Accounts Receivable Report, which gives me about 99% of what I need, however when I go to print the report, I only have the option of printing the full report, which lists all the customers, or I can filter the report down to individual customers, but that is incredibly time consuming given that we typically have anywhere from 50-100 customers owing us at any given moment.

If someone could chime in on this, I would appreciate it.


@dsslrbrandon what you want is an Account Receivable report with the option to filter customers with an outstanding balance?

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Sort of, but not quite.

An Accounts Receivable Report is basically something that we look at to see who owes us.

An Account Statement would be something for the customer to see to see how much they owe us.

Basically, we would like to have, as you said, the ability to filter down an AR report to customers that have open balances, but we would also like the ability to print or email the report, but have each unique customer be grouped on their own page or pages. This way, when the customer sees the report, they will know what invoices they have open, and how much they owe on each one.

I’ll provide a visual guide in a little while on what it is we would like to accomplish.



@dsslrbrandon can you sponsor this development?

I will have to get with the board, and discuss this with them. If I had a general idea as to how much it would cost to develop this feature, I may have an easier time getting them to approve it.

I think a freelancer can get this done < $300

Don’t forget to contribute it back if you do make this!

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Hi there, did this ever move forward? We’re looking to implement a hosted ERPNext instance for our distribution company, but a stumbling block for us is the lack of automated end of month customer account statements.
Any update on this would be appreciated! Thanks.

HI, I am testing several cloud based ERP and I am surprised how many do not print/email customer statements. This is a standard accounting procedure, a monthly bank statement is the norm as is your credit card statement. Most (but not all) European and U.S. software does allow mass emailing or printing of customer statements, how can this not be included in ERP Next ?

@rmehta Can you please briefly outline the steps a dev would need to add this feature to the system? I’ll try to get a quote and see if we can develop this and contribute it back.

Maybe this could be part of the customer portal! But it seems this is not a very standard practice.

It depends on the format. Will be great to do mockups of what such a feature might do.

I was thinking the portal could be enhanced quite a bit .

Ability to generate statement by the customer would be quite helpful .

Ability to submit a sales order based on available quantity would be amazing. This should be via the customer portal.

What will it take to make this happen ?

We MUST get the Automated Customer Statement process going… So I will co-ordinate the effort with ERPNEXT.


I need everybody who will help sponsoring it to just reply with their username. I propose the following process

  1. We do the function specs of what we want
  2. Get an estimate from the dev team
  3. Develop
  4. Test both cloud and desk
  5. Implement

Should not be that difficult?

Lets get this thing done for the sake of sanity :slight_smile:


I found way to get this done through email alert on overdue bill / at time creating new invoice.
We can think of a logic where similar report can be sent on some other event/click.

+1 This would be a great and essential feature!

I think there should be a Selling Setting that caters to automatic generation of statements for customers. Something like Customer Statement Settings. Should contain fields like:

  • Company Code
  • Statement Frequency (every x days/weeks/months)
  • Print Format for Statement
  • Send By Email (if checked, use email in primary contact)

A background ALL task would then take these settings, generate the statements based on them and then send out if Send By Email is checked. There is already a Statement of Account that can be generated from the general ledger report filtered by the 3rd party (Website users don't have read access to GL Entry · Issue #9187 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub)

If send by email is not checked, perhaps generate the PDF and attach it to the relevant customer master.

In order to enable a customer view their statement online, I think some permission changes are required. Please refer again to this ticket Website users don't have read access to GL Entry · Issue #9187 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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+1 Let’s keep this thread alive, essential feature!

Any update on this? This is essential… I would be ready to sponsor this feature…

I could add a 100$ or so to the effort. Sounds like a useful feature.

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Can you please open a bounty?