Multiple Customer Account Statements

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Good Feature for sending mass email.

If you want to sponsor, then its great.

Can you make mockup?

I suggest, one can build tool similar to bank reconciliation.
Select From Date, To Date.
Get all customer who has outstanding amount with primary email.

Show button to Send Emails or Print Account Statement.

Bank Reconciliation UI for mockup.


Hi All, I can contribute $100. I will leave all other leadership activities to you including mock ups, coding or creating a bounty :slight_smile: Hope that helps

@Deepak_Pai I can make tools similar to Payment Reconciliation.
I can also get default Account Statement, but I need to check how I can export it to Pdf of HTML

If any other developer want to take this, I am ready to help. I need help in Mockup II

Mockup I
We will have screen to select From Date, To Date, Party Type, Minumum Outstanding Amount and Maximum Outstanding Amount.
Based on this, system will fetch customer with Primary Contact Email ID (whose total outstanding amount is matched with criteria).
User can add or delete customer and update his primary contact Email ID
There is one button to Send Email for customer
Mockup II
Functionality is similar to Mockup I
There is extra button for Print Account Statement and Generate PDF


Please note that @dsslrbrandon was talking in the beginning about something important which is not only to send mass of emails for parties (which could be customer or supplier), he was talking about generating statement for multiple parties, in other words: selecting multiple parties and then generating statement for each party and to be statement after statement (customer A then customer B and then customer C and so on).

Then this thread talked about sending mass of emails for the parties.
So, it will be taken into consideration the ability to generate statement for multiple parties (customers and suppliers, they can be a mix of customers and suppliers also)?


Any news on this? We’re looking to replace our system with ERPnext as of next financial year so I’m currently in the process of implementing required customisations to our deployment, and would prefer not working on a bespoke implementation of a feature that might be released before then.

Being able to send statements to all customers on demand is an essential feature that should be part of the core feature set. Please consider developing this as a priority even if it can’t be done as a bounty.

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Good Day

This feature really needed as all major accounting software can send statements to their customers for instance. We currently export data out of ERPNext and use data in Excell to get this working.

Thank You

Albertus Geyser

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Yes, this feature is desperately needed. I am on ERPNext Cloud and have no way to customize the reports to get this. I’m going to have to export data out of ERPNext and use Excel as well. Unfortunate!

@Dboobis i agree there is no erp or any accounting program without statements both for customers and suppliers

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Does anyone know if this is part of v11? Or… has anyone written something custom and if so, where to start?

I initially thought maybe coding a custom child table that will show all payments and invoices for a customer and add it to the customer record. Has anyone ever done something like this?

I can contribute to this as well. Please let me know!

I had a look at V11 and does not have customer statements, wonder why it would not be implemented.

Yes, I agree. Seems like this should’ve definitely been part of the core product.

As such, we had to create our own using a custom doctype that pulls in all invoices by a certain date and then generates a pdf with each one on a page. It’s a manual process as I have to then split the PDF into each customer but it takes far less than time than it did by going one by one. :frowning:

If you know Jaspersoft Reports and could setup a server then i have a alternative solution.


Anyone interested get in contact with me.

Thank You

Albertus Geyser

I am definitely interested

Want to share the steps to achieving this ?


@kolotayo you should be interested in this too

I would be interested as well but I’m on ERPNext Cloud. I also feel very strongly that Customer Account Statements should be a standard feature in any ERP implementation.

If you have Microsoft access database, it can connect to the database. you can use the reporting functionality to create custom reports, print as pdfs and send it.

Surely there are custom report maker is ERPNext you could use, as well?

[quote=“Not_a_countant, p
ost:37, topic:8546”]
Surely there are custom report maker is ERPNext you could use, as well?

@Not_a_countant…I do not understand what the above quote means

You cannot do custom reports on ERPNext Cloud. I have already built a custom workaround for this -
New doctype and child table. We input the due date and it shows all outstanding invoices and then I can print them all at once to PDF. I then use Acrobat to split the PDF and we email them.

That sounds like a lot of work for something that should be a click of a button