Multiple Customer Account Statements

@dirkvdl16 Great effort.Thanks so much.However there should be filter for customer groups.Some company might have thousands of customers and might want to send to some customer groups and not all.Presently it is impossible by refreshing.

@dirkvdl16 thank you for sharing this, its a 5 years wait for this feature to materialize, although i only needed the customer statement with aging. I had a similar app made for this purpose but not updated beyond v10.

Could you update date format according to user local/setting? date format is DD MM YYYY in my locale. something like…

{%= dateutil.str_to_user(filters.from_date) %} {%= __(“to”) %} {%= dateutil.str_to_user(filters.to_date) %}

thank you very much:grin:

Hi, this has been fixed, it should now format dates as per the format defined your System Settings

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super :grinning:

Tx Dirk . it’s awsome. Works great. I;m not sure if it is correct , but the statement date always seems to defaults to current month. I change the the dates for a previous period , but the statement dates always show the current month. It will also be great to have customer group filter .
Tx again . well done.

Will need to add outstanding invoice listing that are before the date range and part of the opening balance.

Have sent a PR to:

  1. Stop traking changes
  2. Create enqueue button
  3. Bring back delete button as Add is there anyways and cannot be stopped. Better to use customize form and make it readonly if required.
  4. Changed frappe.sendmail to communication doctype make() function.
  5. Check row.email_id != “”
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Can we install this without command bench?

Unfortunately you need to install the custom app, and the only way is with the bench command.

But, if you are a little patient, I think this functionality will form part of ERPNext v13, if I look at this PR:

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Could you write your query you used it to get this data?

Looks like there is a need for data warehousing and reporting as a separate component. We were part of hedge fund accounting group, the transactions were booked daily automatically via feeds and reporting package consisting of all statements, nav generation and emailing/ftping to clients was part of daily job. ErpNext is not yet there for true multicompany setup, where you are doing accounting for others.