MultiSelectDialog List with proprietary get_query()-Method is reversed

Hello, Hello

I am not completely new to the forum romanum here, but have created now my official User Account.

Me, myself, I have developed two Applications that do not run yet. They are 80% finished and throw a mega amonut of exceptions that I can not solve allone at the current times. If you want to have a look here are Github-Reflinks

Currently there is a totally other issue that, well, want to solve. When we create a MultiSelectDialog with the standard get_query() method the positions \ order of the Listitems is reversed. We added a button to the Delivery Note, called Collect Items, the button opens the dialog and runs through the Delivery Note Items securely fetching them from the Python Backend.


The problem is that in the dialog the item positions is reversed.

Can you help somehow?

Hello @mars

Welcome to the community.

I’ve used the MultiSelect in script reporting. I’m not sure it addresses your specific problem, but I also have some code to sort a list in the same tutorial. Maybe just search for MultiSelect and sort in [Tutorial] Script Report / Chart