My Custom Doctype "Quotation Remarks" does not work. I wonder why?

I want to achieve the following:

Quotation Document should have a table at the bottom where some Conditions or Comments can be added under which the pricing in the Quotation given is valid. This could contain 0-20 entries (that’s why I thought a table is the right form factor for this field)

The Items can be raw material for construction sites or construction services (incl. or excluding the raw material), or rental machinery.

The Comments/Conditions provided could be something like:

  • “Delivery to Construction Site, truck unloading not included” (for a delivery of particular construction materials, or machines)
  • “heavy current electricity required on site”

In total there are about 50 of such pre-comoposed phrases which do not change frequently and should be identical each time they are used.
So these phrases should be available to choose from list of templates, so the issuer of a quotation does not have to write those phrases from scratch for each Quotation anew

What I tried is something along the mechanics of the Items Table in the quotation (which gets it’s content from the Quotation Item DocType).
Based on that architecture I have 3 parts involved

  1. Custom field Quotation Remarks in the Quotation Doctype
  2. Custom DocType Remarks
  3. Custom DocType Text Modules

they are connected to each other as below

Custom Doctype Remarks

  • checked: Is Child Table
  • checked: Editable Grid
  • Fetch From: – empty –
  • has 1 Field Phrase which is a Link to the Custom DocType Text Modules (Options: Text Modules)

Custom Doctype Text Modules

  • unchecked: Is Child Table
  • has 1 Field Phrase
  • Type: Data

Custom Field Quotation Remarks

  • Type: Table
  • Options: Remarks
  • Fetch From: – empty –

Now what happens is that I have the table Quotation Notes available in the Quotation and I can add line to it but can not choose any of the existing phrases unfortunately.


Can anyone see which mistake I am making here may and what I have to change in the setup in order to get this working?

just for the context: in a next step I would want to carry those Notes from the Quotation through all connected downstream Documents (Sales Order, Sales Invoice, … Delivery Note) just like you carry on the Items. NOt sure whether this is even doable though mere customization or whether it’s require a custom App. But that is not yet the goal of this particular Topic.

I think you should create normal Doctype Text Modules and save here your Notes than in Remarks (child table) make link field to Text Modules and use it

thanks for your comment

I don’t see what the difference is to what I am already doing

unless you mean to

  • remove the Doctype Remarks from the setup and
  • directly link the Field Quotation Remarks (which is a table) to my DocType Text Modules

is it that?


I can manually add a couple of Remarks to a Quotation like that, but do not have any access to my pre-composed Phrases.

So, apparently I got you wrong @NMyshuk. Would you mind to be more specific on what exactly which connections you suggest to build?

Hi, sorry for delay.
I think I didn’t understand you correct, I’ll check it later today and comment again

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Hi, so I re-created all your steps(from your first comment) and I am able to create Text Modules which can be saved and used in other documents
before creating any Text Modules

with created Text Modules

Here are my steps

thanks a mil for making the effort @NMyshuk. It’s really a Livesaver.
Seems I got lost a bit in the woods.

the simple but fatal mistake I made was in here:

I wrote

has 1 Field Phrase which is a Link to the Custom DocType Text Modules

but I didn’t follow my own recipee correctly and had the the Field Phrase was a Data field, not a Link as it should.

Now the only problem that remains lies in the fact that not my actual phrase are displayed but the db ID instead

from the Quotation

The Text Modules List


From the pics posted this seems to be the same in your test

putting phrase into the Title fild of the View Section in my Text Modules Doctype makes the actual phrase at least visible on selection in the Quotation

still the problem remains that on the finished Quotation only the db ID of the chosen Phrase is displayed (and not the actual phrase itself)

you should remove Text Modules doctype from your system, create new one the same and in the Auto Name section ** field:phrase**,

I am not sure that it’s correct and I am not able to test it soon, sorry. But I am sure you should remove doctype and create new one and make changes in the Auto Name section

thanks that’s it. It wasn’t necessary to remove the DocType though. Just putting field:phrase in the Auto Name, an re-create the actual Text Modules (New Text Module) and voila. All works as it should. thank you!

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If you also check Allow Rename in the FORM SETTINGS of the DocType you can also change the content of existing entries

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