Need Help on how to update Amazon MWS Settings to work with the new Amazon SP-API

Hello Guys, I would appreciate some guidance on how to go about setting up the Amazon-ERPNext connector using the new SP-API, since according to Amazon support they are no longer granting new MWS credentials…


Here is the link to the Selling Partner API Developer Guide.

With the new guide on creating and authorizing a new app, one gets a refresh token rather MWS credentials.

I don’t mind effecting the changes on the current code with the correct guidance on how to go about it and also update the current documentation on the same.

Hi, I am also facing the same issue. Did you find a solution to the problem?

Thank you.

All I can do is point you a bit: Buried in this long thread is a reference to “SP-API is already implemented in separate app”. It references the e-commerce integration but I think that MIGHT be v14. ← sorry that I can’t confirm or be of more help.



Find the updated docs - here

Steps to get the credentials:

  1. Register/Login to Amazon AWS.

  2. Create and configure IAM policies and entities.

  3. Go to Roles > [YOUR ROLE NAME] (AmazonMWS in my case). You will get IAM ARN.

  4. Go to Users > [YOUR USER NAME] > Security Credentials and click on Create access key to get AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key.

  5. Now, Register/Login to Amazon Selling Partners.

  6. Select a Merchant and Marketplace, and you will be redirected to Amazon Seller Central.

  7. Go to Partner Network > Develop Apps.

  8. Click on Add new app client, fill in the details(IAM ARN from step 3) and click on Save and exit.

  9. Click on View in LWA credentials column, you will get Client ID and Client Secret.

  10. Go to Actions > Authorize and then click on Authorize app to get the Refresh Token.


Thank you so much @Sagar_Sharma for the detailed instructions, I really appreciate it.


UPDATE: Nevermind I found it

I have installed the module as per the docs but I am unable to find it in the erpNext, am I missing something here?

I am using erpNext v13 BTW.

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@pmc_shivam you need to install the app: GitHub - frappe/ecommerce_integrations: Ecommerce integrations for ERPNext

it’s not in core erpnext

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Yes, thank you.

Thank you for the detailed instructions - just what I needed for the testing the integration.

Will appreciate some clarifications:

  • Assuming that we would be able to / need to get unique credentials for each marketplace under the seller account? For example separate sync for India and separate sync for USA marketplaces? In the backend on ERPnext - we could use those unique credentials for different ERPNext websites or different companies and warehouses within same website? Wow (if true!).

  • Docs suggest to create a separate accounting head to track the Amazon commissions and fulfillment costs. Are those pulled automatically by the App? Are they sorted by category or lumped under one account?

  • Amazon allows roles for accounting and inventory etc. Within ERPNext documentation - I notice that we can only sync orders and items. What about inventory and shipments? If FBA - does the app create a shipment for those orders? What about inventory replenishment from company warehouse to Amazon warehouse? How to setup / manage that?

Appreciate any guidance on how to setup. Thanks again for your time and courtesy.

@Sagar_Sharma - thank you so much for these instructions. Have followed them exactly - installed ecommerce_integrations app on ERPNext v14 and then setup IAM user / roler with access key etc… Able to save the Amazon integration settings in ERPNext which means the LWA / IAM user credentials are valid. However when I click on the Sync Products button - nothing happens.

Will appreciate it if you can share guidance on how to troubleshoot further. Also should the user created in IAM be an authorized user on the Amazon seller central? We are not getting any credential error - but dont know why data is not syncing. We have items, inventory and orders in Amazon.

Also I notice there is now a scheduled job in erpnext to sync inventory with Unicommerce. Is it part of the Amazon integration? SIncerely appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

I Imported my items and linked image from my S3 , It showing images all looks fines ,
but when same item i want to publish to web i get error about webhook image link its not readable , now what i did i removed webhook image link which i used while importing and again attached manually same webhook image but but this time i did by selecting public …
after attaching same webhook image public this same item able to publish as web item ,
Now Question is

  1. DO i need to need to import my items all as public if i am not wrong this is not secure
  2. If not when how i can set only webhook link as public so that all my items which imported as bulk i can also publick as webitems too ,
    Looking forward from seniors Input