New chart of account code with account type advances


We want to add new account code with account type advances, to book advances to employees.
I can not find account type advances. Please suggest solution.




For this you have to first customize account doctype, here in account type you have to one more option “Advance” and after that you have to edit accounts_browser.js here you can find "fieldname:‘account_type’ " and there you can add Advances and other which ever you want.

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Thanks for getting me to the place but I am using cloud account so have not access to the source code.
Can we do this job from front end or with custom scripts?


hi @Zahid.Butt,

For using code you have to make account type box dynamic.
first fetch all options values and after that you can append your account type which ever you want.

you can refer following link for make dynamic select box.


Thanks but the thing is that how can I do it in my cloud account.


This thing you can do by custom script.
you have to write script for this.

I have gone through the code that you have referred.
In my case form name is “Account” and doctype is also “Account”. Field name is “account_type” in which I want to add a value named “Advances”.

I have made changes as per my understanding but it is not working. Surely there are mistakes from my side, as I am new to this. Kindly ignore it and help me.


Have you tried configuring the system for loans and advances as per this link

Also, you may find this discuss link useful

Thanks it seems workable. Actually I had a requirement from accounts people to add a new account type.