New Custom App install


i want to create new apps to be extension to erpnext… but i dont know how i can do that?..

i wonder ifi just need to create a git and make a git pull?..(but i dont think so its just works like that)…

is there any documentation for it?

i create new apps with bench new-app addons
after i done with it… i want to upload it… but i dont know how i can install it to another new setup server?


  1. Create a New Git Repository.
git init
git add
git commit -m "first commit"
git remote add upsteam
git push upstream master

To Install this app on another system follow same steps that you used to install ERPNext app.

  • bench get-app appname git_repo
  • bench install-app appname

@saurabh6790, bench new-app creates a folder under frappe-bench/apps/appname.
Upon bench install-app appname I get the following err:

Importerror: No module named appname

have already tried the following:
1.all possible combinations of uppercase and lowercase for appname.
2.made sure the appname has an entry in apps.txt
3.set “link”:“module/appname” in
4.tried ./env/bin/pip install -q -e ./apps/appname (went fine, w/o err) the command from frappe-bench folder only.

I have earlier created new custom apps without any issues. Not sure whats happening now. Any clues?

Installing new custom app - #14 by krithi_ramani

This helped me…naming conventions has to be followed!