New Feature? Process Manufacturing

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Hi guys

I have been trying to use this feature for a while and I have come across a major issue. Let me illustrate

Raw Material A total cost $500
Raw Material B Total Cost $700

The two above are to be used to produce Finished Goods Y (2 units) and Finished goods Z (2 units)

I will expect that the total raw material costs ($1,200) will be split amongst the two finished goods using whatever apportionment basis is chosen.

This is not what happens. Regardless of what option I chose the system approtions $1,200 to Finished Goods Y and another $1,200 to finished goods Z, giving me total incoming of N2,400 instead of $1,200.

I have really agonised over this and cannot understand why this is so.

Can you please help out ?


That’s not what this module does.
You want to use the built-in doctype Landed Cost Voucher.

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Thanks for the prompt response

I am sure this is what process manufacturing does. Maybe I did not explain myself properly, I know what LCV is for and it is definitely not this

Process Manufacturing covers the production of multiple finished items in one production process.

I add two or more input material into the production process

At the end of the production process I produce 2 or more different items.

The Process Manufacturing feature does this well.

The challenge is that in my instance the costing is wrong. It should spread the cost of production over the number of finished goods. Rather than do this it is adding the total cost of input material on each item type produced, in my example $1200 should be spread over Y and Z.

Rather than do this it is adding $1200 to the cost of Y and another $1200 to the cost of Z.

I truly appreciate your response, but this issue has nothing to do with LCV

If you please share any more details (screen shots?) to understand your configuration, that would help us understand what’s going wrong.

BTW, I hope you are trying with the Physical measurement method (more details in the readme)

Thanks for such great job with this module.

I’m having the same error when starting a process order on v.11 and process_manufactirng v.1.0.0.beta is the fix pushed already or not?

Just pushed a fix. Please check


Hi @olamide_shodunke

Trust you’re doing great. Any update on this?


No joy

Have you experienced this too?

Nah, I’d hoped it’d be fixed by now so we could try it out

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Why not test it?

I could be wrong

Okay, will try and revert…

@olamide_shodunke @salim hi all - thank you so much for the process manufacturing module (remembering @Ranjith!!) we need to add Job Cards to this module because we want to track how much a person is working on what process - can you help with that?


Hello @akurungadam

The issue is mentioned above still remains, this is making process manufacturing totally unusable for me

Can you help out?

@jamsheer what fix did you push ?

Hi Olamide, could you please elaborate on the issue you are facing?

yes possibly… I’m not quite sure if the module has any serious takers though. please post your suggestions, we’ll see if we can get those incorporated.

Thanks @akurungadam

Lets say you are using 1 unit each of three raw materials A, B and C to produce Two Items X and Y

A costs $100, B costs $200 and C costs $300

The total cost incurred in the production process is 600. No other costs incurred

We assume this is the first time we are producing the Final products X and Y

Ideally the total production costs should be split between X and Y based on either physical measurement or Sales Value. For example if the two items have same measurements or sales value then the costs of each item should be $300 each.

The very strange thing the system does is to apportion the entire $600 to EACH of the final outputs, this means the total incoming value now becomes $1,200 and the outgoing value remains at $600 giving a difference of $600.

This is totally strange.

In trying to recreate this issue please click on “update rate and availability” button when making the final stock entry to manufacture the finished goods. That is when the weirdness happens

Kindly see if you can replicate this.

Thank you

This is the chance to clarify these issues

Hi, Mikwmayaka could you please assist me how to install in erpnext- process Manufacturing

Hi @Ranjith
This is extremely helpful and would be amazing to have it in the core. How much is missing to be able to create a PR? I think so many would benefit from this feature and it would open up the manufacturing module for a lot more users.

I think @bkm has also raised this issue many times over the last years. What is your opinion on this?