[New Feature Proposal] Enhance advance payment to purchase and sales order

currently when creating payment entry (advance payment, down payment) from purchase order and sales order, the paid amount is the full order amount, the party account is normal accounts payable/accounts receivable account( normally for invoice based payment).

proposed changes

  1. add field default advance payable account to company, party account doctype,
  2. add field default advance receivable account to company, party account doctype,
  3. add field Is Advance to payment term and payment schedule doctype
  4. change new payment entry creation logic: when create from purchase / sales order and advance amount is 0 and first payment schedule is Is Advance, set default advance payable/receivable account to party account, set paid amount as per first payment schedule amount
  5. remove the restriction on payable/receivable account for payment reconciliation in invoice


Is this something you have started developing ?

yes, in my own app, would like to see whether community members also want this.


I actually think it’s a good idea, have come up against this challenge a couple of times.

Would appreciate if you can share the app when done

this feature alone does not deserve a dedicated app, I will first publish the solution details here to get the feedback, as always if enough positive feedback, then I can try to start a new PR.



I have been looking for a solution for a long time, Have you created a PR in GitHub to push your code?

to be frank, it is not a mature enough solution yet, there is no enough requirement from my users, so not in production use, no near future plan to submit a PR.

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Then I will propose this to the core developers and file a bug on GitHub. Let’s see if we can get some upvotes and get the core developer’s attention.