Next Phase of Contributions?

Hello community,

We had great discussions over the conference on driving contributions. I am sure you are all busy fulfilling your client requirements, but it is also important to feed water to the plant we are all getting fruit from!

Other than @IAGAdmin and @RobertSchouten, and Oauth by @revant_one we are yet to see major contributions from your end. It is really important that you take some time to think about this. Please let us know if you need any help from our end!

Lets build this together as a community!

@kanhaiya @revant_one @Eric_Delisle @JayRam @hfarid @vivek @dominik @tonyta


Hi all commubity members;
I think we have a great product that in my opinion from what I have seen from my customers and prospects we can booooooooooom now and even hit big names in this field.
But we need more focus on solving the minor business issues than putting more options in the application, we can do now anything using the existing version but sometimes we face some issues that need to be taken into consideration like backward compatibility and changes in core functions, which cause us some troubles in recoding all our customizations.
In my case we always rely on custom fields, custom scripts and new doctypes we try not to touch the main application programs for any upgrades. so if we put as the core of any customizations you will benefit from our customizations and put it as addons for anybody need it.
I take all custom fields, custom scripts, print formats, doctype, docfield, docperm, property setter and report as database export and any python functions we need we make it in separate python file containing our functions inside a separate folder under frappe also some times we use triggers also could be exported and imported and this way we can import the tables I metioned into any other ERPNext application in seconds and start using those modifications.
So I think if we make this as our core for customizations we will go more fast.

Really I am so happy with this way as it minimizes time of customizations for our customers if any customer needs same customization done before for another one.(just import the tables in seconds)

So if we all make same style we can share those customizations throw our community to help each other getting faster solving customers issues.

Because we can’t fix those modification in the core of the application as it could be useful for a customer but could be unwanted for another customer.

Hope this could be useful for our community.

Dear @rmehta
As we discussed few days back, we are working on things like meetup, guest lectures, introducing ERPNext in semester etc. for promoting @erpnext. At the same time, team is working on few great modules like Quickbooks Connector, FedEx Connector and Microsoft ADFS Integrator etc. Soon we will start sharing github url’s with the community. Community can start using it and extend the functionality as per their need.

Anyway community will be joining on Pune’s First ERPNext Meetup

So let’s explore and discuss the opportunities.

Thanks for writing this post.


I would really like to see ERPNext go forward. I put a lot of effort to contribute in translation portal to fix portuguese language errors, but the thing is that i have to wait untill all my 3000 strings get verified by some other guy. I guess my translation will only be deployed in 2035. You should really try a different method to translate your product. ERPNext is great, but the language is a huge barrier for us to recommend to other companies in Angola.



Hello Hisham,

We usually fix any kind of small or big problem.

When we adopt a new master version (we are currently migrating from 6.27 to 7.1) we run tests and make it stable and usable for our organisation. Any problem we find, we’ll fix and pull a request to latest develop branch.

We don’t like to keep anything that can be maintained by the community.

Look to this topic Beta Testing Process - #26 by felix. It would be nice if you can take part of this community beta testing to spot at least regression issues. So that the master branch becomes more stable.


No verification is not needed, the system uses the latest fixes, you need a threshold number of points to edit already verified strings

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I agree not every customization is helpful for everyone, but smaller things like reports, bugfixes etc should be part of the project.

I think when you are close to the user you are more likely to find such opportunities and contribute. Maybe it is 20% more effort but it will be really worth in the long run!


I am promoting this system at my level for manufacturing and service industries, but there are few points which raised by the people around me and the primary one is Master and slave feature, below is the example for it,

In an organisation there are groups like HOD, Directors,and Normal Employees/Users.

So every one wants the Important users like HOD and Directors should on the lowest downtime as possible, so if they are going with on Cloud solution of erpnext no one is willing to pay for the normal users but they can pay for the HOD and Directors account, as Erpnext is offering there own cloud hosting services, so the points is to put the HOD/Directors on Cloud services of Erpnext and rest users on the secondary server i.e. there on premise server but the users(Directors/HOD) and data should sync between the server, so is it possible ?

Please let me know your input.


ERPNext is opensource, you can download and install on local server …

@kanhaiya how is the development status of quick book sync? is it released?

thx in advance


I think you misunderstood my question.

I know I can install the erpnext in my local server but the question is can I sync the data of the cloud users(which are hod’s or directors in my case) with my local server ?


no - you’ll have to either pick full cloud deployment, or full local deployment

@felix already answered.

Just to understand, why u need 2 different instance of ERPNext one local and one on the cloud?

Hi thanks for answering my question.

As we all know the erpnext is having HR Sales and many modules so if the company is having 500 users and only 100 are important and using several modules, those hundred users will use Cloud system.

But the rest users Who fall in Employee category and Only using HR module for their Leave application and Leave balance will be using local server, so if the data of the cloud server will replicate on local server (of those hundred users) then company don’t have to pay for the rest 400 hundred users and also they can maintain the redundancy.

Here I am talking about one way replication which is cloud to local.

I hope you got my point.

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I will do it… sorry for moving off topic… :wink:

Hi @JoEz
Team is working on UAT feedback and the necessary changes. Once it is completed, we will share GIT URL soon.


@kanhaiya Oks, thx for quick answer!

hello guys,
I think the most important thing that we should concentrate on reliability of ERPNext.

I shall share a simple case study of an ongoing implementation for a marine service based company in uae. Show how I map the different workflows to erpnext and with simple customizations how I cover functional gaps. And a before erpnext and after erpnext section to summarize the result.

I shall share few apps which I am developing as part of uae localization soon when done. ( namely Post Dated Check Management )

I just need sometime before I put it out there. But it will be out there.