Nodejs Application along with ERPNext


I want to build a Node JS application that works along with ERPNext on the same server, is there any way to build that? I know that Frappe uses NodeJS for Websocket.

@bhavikpatel7023 you can try to do this:


I’ve posted a more detailed explanation here:


I am using “Frappe Docker” for development. I couldn’t find the nginx.conf file either in ‘/frappe-bench/config/’ directory nor do i have a nginx folder ‘/etc’. I’m not sure if nginx is used as the webserver in Docker Development Instance. Can anyone help me configure my development webserver to redirect to my custom nodejs portal application.

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Vinod Kumar K

Check how frappe-socketio image is made. It is nodejs app.

check how erpnext-nginx image is made. It serves static assets and reverse proxy python and nodejs/socketio.