One Doctype isn't shown in Activity - my changes aren't tracked in Heatmap?

When I try to open object of my doctype, I can see empty Heatmap, but before I make some changes in object:

My changes aren’t tracked in Activity. How I can see my activity in Heatmap?

I configured, that all changes in Land doctype don’t loged in Activity Log

(The last logs has been created by me)

get_data function:

def get_data():
	return {
		'heatmap': True,
		'heatmap_message': _('This is based on land sales. See {0} for details.')\
			.format('<a href="#List/Land Sales/Report/Plant Land Sales">' + _('Land Sales Report') + '</a>'),
		'fieldname': 'land',

Threads likes this may give you clues or ideas [Improvement] Heatmap

This function as it self dont will get you a working heatmap in your dashboard.
This will only signal to frappe framework that it has to display a heatmap.

For feeding the heatmap with data, you have to create a get_timeline_data() function in “doctype”.py.