Opening Invoice Creation Tool (Other Currency)

Opening Invoice Creation Tool for other currency is not working

Check this : [v11] "Opening Invoice Creation Tool" - only working for default currency

yep, we can do that way, but when customer settle outstanding, we can do only from journal entry
if opening invoice creation tool accept other currency, we can made settlement from invoice, it will be consistence for users

multi-currency support in ERPNext is only basic thus far unfortunately. In order to become really great it needs to be extended in my eyes.

The opening invoice creating tool is only one occurence where ERPNext is limited to the default company currency. The entire Employee part (salary, expense claim) is limited also. I am looking for collaborators to enhance the system in this regards. Let me know whether you are willing to collaborate in order to achieve this.

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yep, i’m happy to contribute, so far i’m not a developer, i can do as tester and ideas contribution

neither am I a developer. I have developed a thorrow understanding of the shortcomings and could function as a coordinator if such a project in this I guess. Probably our company would also be willing to participate in funding of such (with quite limited resources though). Are you in any position to financially support such a development?


I could reach a trick to create an opening invoice in a foreign currency other than the default company currency through the following steps:

  1. Create a single Opening (Sales/Purchase) Invoice for any Customer/Supplier whose billing currency is the default Company Currency through Opening Invoice Creation Tool.

  2. View the opening invoice created and use ‘Duplicate’ from Menu to create a new document with the same values.

  3. Edit the info you need to change like the party name, currency, exchange rate, amount, etc.

  4. Don’t forget to change the temporary opening account to be another in the foreign currency.

  5. Save the document and hit Submit and then view the accounting ledger.

I hope Frappe team consider multi-currency feature in Opening Invoice Creation Tool in their future upgrades


But no place to select currency in the tool in V14